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Mabood, L.[Lutful] Co Author Listing * Active contours textural and inhomogeneous object extraction

Maboudi, M.[Mehdi] Co Author Listing * Integrating fuzzy object based image analysis and ant colony optimization for road extraction from remotely sensed images
* Misalignment Calibration Of Ultracam D And Xp
* Objects Grouping For Segmentation Of Roads Network In High Resolution Images Of Urban Areas
* Road Network Extraction from VHR Satellite Images Using Context Aware Object Feature Integration and Tensor Voting
Includes: Maboudi, M.[Mehdi] Maboudi, M.

Maboudou Tchao, E.M. Co Author Listing * Age and Gender Differences in Performance for Operating a Robotic Manipulator
* Predictive Model for Use of an Assistive Robotic Manipulator: Human Factors Versus Performance in Pick-and-Place/Retrieval Tasks, A
Includes: Maboudou Tchao, E.M. Maboudou-Tchao, E.M.

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