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Malvar, H.S.[Henrique S.] Co Author Listing * Biorthogonal and Nonuniform Lapped Transforms for Transform Coding with Reduced Blocking and Ringing Artifacts
* Fast system and method for computing modulated lapped transforms
* High-quality linear interpolation for demosaicing of Bayer-patterned color images
* Image compression with on-line and off-line learning
* Low-complexity transform and quantization in H.264/AVC
* Low-complexity transform and quantization with 16-bit arithmetic for H.26L
* Method and system for adapting a digitized signal processing system for block processing with minimal blocking artifacts
* Method and system for capturing and representing 3D geometry, color and shading of facial expressions and other animated objects
Includes: Malvar, H.S.[Henrique S.] Malvar, H.S. Malvar, H.S.[Henrique Sarmento]
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Malvarosa, F. Co Author Listing * General Formulation for Redundant Integration of Finite Differences and Phase Unwrapping on a Sparse Multidimensional Domain, A
* Long-Term Satellite Monitoring of the Slumgullion Landslide Using Space-Borne Synthetic Aperture Radar Sub-Pixel Offset Tracking
Includes: Malvarosa, F. Malvarosa, F.[Fabio]

Malvehy, J. Co Author Listing * New Total Body Scanning System for Automatic Change Detection in Multiple Pigmented Skin Lesions, A
* Uncertainty Estimation in Deep Neural Networks for Dermoscopic Image Classification

Malvestio, M.[Marino] Co Author Listing * Development and Testing of a Usability Checklist for the Evaluation of Control Interfaces of Electrical Medical Beds

Malvig, K.E.[Kjell E.] Co Author Listing * Realtime Extraction of Connected Component in 3D Sonar Range Images

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