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Naouai, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * New Approach for Road Extraction from High Resolution Remotely Sensed Images Using the Quaternionic Wavelet
* New Metrics to Evaluate Pattern Recognition in Remote Sensing Images
* NURBS Parameterization: A New Method of Parameterization Using the Correlation Relationship between Nodes
* NURBS Skeleton: A New Shape Representation Scheme Using Skeletonization and NURBS Curves Modeling
* Relocated Colour Contrast Occurrence Matrix and Adapted Similarity Measure for Colour Texture Retrieval
* Urban Road Extraction from High-Resolution Optical Satellite Images

Naoui, O.E.[Oum El_Kheir] Co Author Listing * Towards a distributed and parallel schema for active appearance model implementation

Naoum Sawaya, J. Co Author Listing * Distributed Markovian Parking Assist System, A
* Pedestrian-Aware Engine Management Strategies for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Includes: Naoum Sawaya, J. Naoum-Sawaya, J.

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