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Nystrom, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Colorimetric and Multispectral Image Acquisition Using Model-Based and Empirical Device Characterization
Includes: Nystrom, D.[Daniel] Nyström, D.[Daniel] (Maybe also Nystroem, D.)

Nystrom, F. Co Author Listing * Quantitative abdominal fat estimation using MRI

Nystrom, I.[Ingela] Co Author Listing * 2D Grey-Level Convex Hull Computation: A Discrete 3D Approach
* 2D Grey-Level Skeleton Computation: A Discrete 3D Approach
* Accelerating the Computation of 3D Gradient Vector Flow Fields
* Computing Covering Polyhedra of Non-Convex Objects
* Computing skeletons in three dimensions
* Connected Components in 3D Neighbourhoods
* Curve Skeletonization by Junction Detection in Surface Skeletons
* Curve skeletonization of surface-like objects in 3D images guided by voxel classification
* Defuzzification of discrete objects by optimizing area and perimeter similarity
* Defuzzification of spatial fuzzy sets by feature distance minimization
* Discrete 3D Tools Applied to 2D Grey-Level Images
* Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery Introduction
* Editorial of special section on CIARP 2019
* Efficient Shape Representation by Minimizing the Set of Centers of Maximal Discs/Spheres
* Fully Reversible Skeletonization for Volume Images Based on Anchor-Points from the D^26 Distance Transform
* Generalized Hard Constraints for Graph Segmentation
* Measurements of digitized objects with fuzzy borders in 2D and 3D
* Measuring Perimeter and Area in Low Resolution Images Using a Fuzzy Approach
* Modified Particle Swarm Optimization Applied in Image Registration, A
* On Reversible Skeletonization Using Anchor-Points from Distance Transforms
* Quantitative Shape Analysis of Volume Images: Thinning Volume Objects to Surface Skeletons
* Registration Parameter Spaces for Molecular Electron Tomography Images
* Representing volumetric vascular structures using curve skeletons
* Robust Signal Generation and Analysis of Rat Embryonic Heart Rate in Vitro Using Laplacian Eigenmaps and Empirical Mode Decomposition
* Shape signatures of fuzzy star-shaped sets based on distance from the centroid
* Special Issue: Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery
* Sub-pixel Segmentation with the Image Foresting Transform
* Synthesising objects and scenes using the reverse distance transformation in 2D and 3D
* Towards User-Guided Quantitative Evaluation of Wrist Fractures in CT Images
* Using grey-level and distance information for medial surface representation of volume images
Includes: Nystrom, I.[Ingela] Nyström, I.[Ingela] (Maybe also Nystroem, I.)Nystrom, I.
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Nystrom, K.[Kenneth] Co Author Listing * Importance of Calibration for Improving the Efficiency of Data Assimilation for Predicting Forest Characteristics
Includes: Nystrom, K.[Kenneth] Nyström, K.[Kenneth] (Maybe also Nystroem, K.)

Nystrom, M.[Mattias] Co Author Listing * Assessing Error Correlations in Remote Sensing-Based Estimates of Forest Attributes for Improved Composite Estimation
Includes: Nystrom, M.[Mattias] Nyström, M.[Mattias] (Maybe also Nystroem, M.)

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