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Piegay, E. Co Author Listing * Crest lines detection by valleys spreading

Piegay, H.[Herve] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Object-Based Mapping of Riverscape Units and in-Stream Mesohabitats Using LiDAR and VHR Imagery
* Physical Characterisation of River Corridors from Orthophotos: Challenging Issues and First Application to the Rhone Hydrographic Network
Includes: Piegay, H.[Herve] Piégay, H.[Hervé] Piégay, H.

Piegert, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * NightOwls: A Pedestrians at Night Dataset

Piegl, L. Co Author Listing * Infinite Control Points: A Method for Representing Surfaces of Revolution Using Boundary Data

Piegl, L.A.[Les A.] Co Author Listing * alternative method of curve interpolation, An
* Delaunay Triangulation in Three Dimensions
Includes: Piegl, L.A.[Les A.] Piegl, L.A.

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