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Rajwa, B.[Bartek] Co Author Listing * numerical recipe for accurate image reconstruction from discrete orthogonal moments, A
* State of the Art in Information Extraction and Quantitative Analysis for Multimodality Biomolecular Imaging
Includes: Rajwa, B.[Bartek] Rajwa, B.

Rajwade, A. Co Author Listing * AB Initio Tomography With Object Heterogeneity and Unknown Viewing Parameters
* Automated Filter Parameter Selection Using Measures of Noiseness
* Beyond SVD: Sparse projections onto exemplar orthonormal bases for compact image representation
* Block and Group Regularized Sparse Modeling for Dictionary Learning
* Coded Hyperspectral Imaging and Blind Compressive Sensing
* Comparison of Some Methods for Direct 2D Reconstruction from Discrete Projected Views, A
* Compressive Phase Retrieval under Poisson Noise
* Facial pose from 3D data
* Fourier Based Pre-Processing For Seeing Through Water
* GlobalFlowNet: Video Stabilization using Deep Distilled Global Motion Estimates
* Image Denoising Using the Higher Order Singular Value Decomposition
* Image Filtering Driven by Level Curves
* Method for Compact Image Representation Using Sparse Matrix and Tensor Projections Onto Exemplar Orthonormal Bases, A
* MSR-HARDI: Accelerated Reconstruction of HARDI Data Using Multiple Sparsity Regularizers
* New Method of Probability Density Estimation with Application to Mutual Information Based Image Registration
* Nonlinear Blind Compressed Sensing Under Signal-Dependent Noise
* Object boundary detection using Rough Set Theory
* Poisson Noise Removal for Image Demosaicing
* Probability Density Estimation Using Isocontours and Isosurfaces: Applications to Information-Theoretic Image Registration
* Projection Design for Compressive Source Separation Using Mean Errors and Cross-Validation
* Restoration of Non-Rigidly Distorted Underwater Images Using a Combination of Compressive Sensing and Local Polynomial Image Representations
* Three-dimensional view-invariant face recognition using a hierarchical pose-normalization strategy
* Tomographic reconstruction from projections with unknown view angles exploiting moment-based relationships
* Tomographic Reconstruction Using Global Statistical Priors
* Unsupervised Model-based Learning for Simultaneous Video Deflickering and Deblotching
* Using the Higher Order Singular Value Decomposition for Video Denoising
Includes: Rajwade, A. Rajwade, A.[Ajit]
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Rajwade, A.V. Co Author Listing * Kernel generalized Gaussian and robust statistical learning for abnormality detection in medical images
* Semi-Supervised Robust One-Class Classification in RKHS for Abnormality Detection in Medical Images

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