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Ramnani, G.[Gaurav] Co Author Listing * Melanoma skin cancer identification with amalgamated TSBTC and BTC colour features using ensemble of machine learning algorithms

Ramnani, R.[Roshni] Co Author Listing * Towards Sentiment and Emotion aided Intent Detection

Ramnani, V.[Vikas] Co Author Listing * Improvised Filter Design for Depth Estimation from Single Monocular Images

Ramnath, K.[Krishnan] Co Author Listing * AutoCaption: Automatic caption generation for personal photos
* Automated visual analysis in large scale sensor networks
* Car make and model recognition using 3D curve alignment
* Detecting and Reconstructing 3D Mirror Symmetric Objects
* Discontinuity-Adaptive Shape from Focus Using a Non-convex Prior
* Edge foci interest points
* Going Much Wider with Deep Networks for Image Super-Resolution
* Image transformation for object tracking in high-resolution video
* Increasing the density of Active Appearance Models
* LatentDR: Improving Model Generalization Through Sample-Aware Latent Degradation and Restoration
* Multi-View AAM Fitting and Camera Calibration
* Multi-View AAM Fitting and Construction
* portable geo-aware visual surveillance system for vehicles, A
* Rapidly Deployable Video Analysis Sensor units for wide area surveillance
* Refining high-frequencies for sharper super-resolution and deblurring
Includes: Ramnath, K.[Krishnan] Ramnath, K. Ramnath, K.[Krishnamurthy] Ramnath, K.[Keerthan]
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Ramnath, R.[Rajiv] Co Author Listing * Usability Study of Continuous Biometrics Authentication, An

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