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Rupnik, E.[Ewelina] Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction from multi-view VHR-satellite images in MicMac
* Aerial multi-camera systems: Accuracy and block triangulation issues
* Automated processing of high resolution airborne images for earthquake damage assessment
* Automatic Orientation of Large Blocks of Oblique Images
* Improvement of photogrammetric accuracy by modeling and correcting the thermal effect on camera calibration
* Oblique Aerial Photography Tool for Building Inspection and Damage Assessment
* Oblique Multi-Camera Systems: Orientation and Dense Matching Issues
* Off-the-Shelf Videogrammetry: A Success Story
* Simulation and Analysis of Photogrammetric UAV Image Blocks: Influence of Camera Calibration Error
* two-step approach for the correction of rolling shutter distortion in UAV photogrammetry, A
Includes: Rupnik, E.[Ewelina] Rupnik, E.
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