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Saif, M. Co Author Listing * Effect of wavelet and hybrid classification on action recognition
* Human Action Recognition by Fusing the Outputs of Individual Classifiers
* Improved Estimation for Well-Logging Problems Based on Fusion of Four Types of Kalman Filters

Saifan, R.R.[Ramzi R.] Co Author Listing * SARDH: A novel sharpening-aware reversible data hiding algorithm

Saifuddin, S.C. Co Author Listing * High Energy Resolution Hyperspectral X-Ray Imaging for Low-Dose Contrast-Enhanced Digital Mammography

Saiful Bahri, M.A. Co Author Listing * Development of GIS Database and Facility Management System: Asset and Space in UKM

Saiful Islam, A.K.M. Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Intertidal Topography from Sentinel-2 Multi-Spectral Imagery: Synergy between Remote Sensing and Numerical Modeling

Saifullah, Z.M. Co Author Listing * Interactive intelligent agents with creative minds: Experiments with mobile robots in cooperating tasks by using machine learning

Saifuzzaman, M.[Md] Co Author Listing * Clustering Tools for Integration of Satellite Remote Sensing Imagery and Proximal Soil Sensing Data

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