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Sauvage, B.[Basile] Co Author Listing * Multi-resolution Analysis
* Simplification of meshes with digitized radiance

Sauvage, J. Co Author Listing * 4D Functional Imaging of the Rat Brain Using a Large Aperture Row-Column Array

Sauvageau, C.[Claude] Co Author Listing * Proposal of a new virtual evaluation approach of preventive safety applications and advanced driver assistance functions- application: AEB system

Sauvageot, H. Co Author Listing * Dual-Wavelength Method for Hailstorm Detection by Airborne Radar, The
* Simulation of Airborne Radar Observations of Precipitating Systems at Various Frequency Bands

Sauvaget, C.[Catherine] Co Author Listing * Comics Stylization from Photographs
* New Approach for Lighting Effect Rendering, A

Sauvain, R.W. Co Author Listing * teachable pattern describing and recognizing program, A

Sauvola, J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive document binarization
* Adaptive document image binarization
* Automated Defect Management for Document Images, An
* Development of a General Framework for Intelligent Document Image Retrieval, The
* Distributed Management System for Testing Document Image Analysis Algorithms, A
* Document Management Interface Utilizing Page Decomposition and Content-Based Compression, A
* Document skew estimation without angle range restriction
* Live Multimedia Adaptation Through Wireless Hybrid Networks
* Media Team Document Database II
* Optimization Techniques for Document Image Retrieval
* Robust Document Skew Detection Based on Line Extraction
* Wavelet Domain Print-Scan and JPEG Resilient Data Hiding Method
Includes: Sauvola, J. Sauvola, J.[Jaakko]
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