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Sbai, E. Co Author Listing * Cluster analysis by adaptive rank-order filters

Sbai, E.H. Co Author Listing * Clustering based on density estimation using variable kernel and maximum entropy principle
* Kernel entropy principal component analysis using Parzen estimator

Sbai, O.[Othman] Co Author Listing * DesIGN: Design Inspiration from Generative Networks

Sbaiz, L. Co Author Listing * Bits From Photons: Oversampled Image Acquisition Using Binary Poisson Statistics
* Dynamic Texture Analysis and Synthesis Using Tensor Decomposition
* Dynamic Texture Synthesis: Compact Models Based on Luminance-Chrominance Color Representation
* Finding meaning on YouTube: Tag recommendation and category discovery
* Higher Order SVD Analysis for Dynamic Texture Synthesis
* Outlier modeling in image matching
* Sampling and interpolation of the plenoptic function
* Statistical Based Motion Estimation for Video Coding
* Super-Resolution from Highly Undersampled Images
* Three-Dimensional Motion Estimation of Objects for Video Coding
* Tomographic Approach for Parametric Estimation of Local Diffusive Sources and Application to Heat Diffusion
Includes: Sbaiz, L. Sbaiz, L.[Luciano]
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