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Scribano, C.[Carmelo] Co Author Listing * All You Can Embed: Natural Language based Vehicle Retrieval with Spatio-Temporal Transformers

Scribner, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Emergency Response Using HoloLens for Building Evacuation
* Extending Color Vision Methods to Bands Beyond the Visible
* Object detection by using whitening/dewhitening to transform target signatures in multitemporal hyperspectral and multispectral imagery
Includes: Scribner, D.[David] Scribner, D.[Dean] Scribner, D.

Scribner, D.A. Co Author Listing * Targeting and Intelligence Electro-optical Recognition Modeling: A Juxtaposition of the Probabilities of Discrimination and the General Image Quality Equation

Scripps, J.[Jerry] Co Author Listing * matrix alignment approach for link prediction, A

Scrivani, J.A.[John A.] Co Author Listing * Automated Forest Area Estimation Using Iterative Guided Spectral Class Rejection
* Lidar-based Mapping of Forest Volume and Biomass by Taxonomic Group Using Structurally Homogenous Segments

Scrivani, R. Co Author Listing * SITS for estimating sugarcane production

Scriven, G.[Gordon] Co Author Listing * Capturing 3D hyperspectral image cubes for dynamic events

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