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Shayegan, M.A.[Mohammad Amin] Co Author Listing * Fast content access and retrieval of JPEG compressed images

Shayegannia, M. Co Author Listing * Transmission of JPEG2000 images over frequency selective channels with unequal power allocation

Shayer, O.[Oran] Co Author Listing * Enhancing Generic Segmentation With Learned Region Representations

Shayesteh, M.G. Co Author Listing * Adaptive LSTAR Model for Long-Range Variable Bit Rate Video Traffic Prediction
* Bi-level image compression technique using neural networks
* Efficient algorithms for detection of face, eye and eye state
* Efficient Space Time Block Code for LTE-A System, An
* Framework for image retrieval using machine learning and statistical similarity matching techniques
* Steganalysis of JPEG images using enhanced neighbouring joint density features
* Variable bit rate video traffic prediction based on kernel least mean square method
Includes: Shayesteh, M.G. Shayesteh, M.G.[Mahrokh G.]
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Shayesteh, M.R.[Mohammad Reza] Co Author Listing * comparative study between single and multi-frame anomaly detection and localization in recorded video streams, A

Shayne, E. Co Author Listing * Mobile ISR: Intelligent ISR management and exploitation for the expeditionary warfighter

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