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Sista, S. Co Author Listing * Fast image search using a multiscale stochastic model
* Unsupervised Video Segmentation and Object Tracking

Sistiaga, M. Co Author Listing * Depth image matching for underwater vehicle navigation

Sistiaga, U.[Unai] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Video Surveillance for Detecting Snow and Ice Coverage on Electrical Insulators of Power Transmission Lines
* Online detection of snow coverage and swing angles of electrical insulators on power transmission lines using videos

Sistla, S.S.[Sai Shravani] Co Author Listing * Texture Classification Using Capsule Networks

Sistu, G. Co Author Listing * DeepTrailerAssist: Deep Learning Based Trailer Detection, Tracking and Articulation Angle Estimation on Automotive Rear-View Camera
* Desoiling Dataset: Restoring Soiled Areas on Automotive Fisheye Cameras
* FuseMODNet: Real-Time Camera and LiDAR Based Moving Object Detection for Robust Low-Light Autonomous Driving
* Generalized Object Detection on Fisheye Cameras for Autonomous Driving: Dataset, Representations and Baseline
* Let's Get Dirty: GAN Based Data Augmentation for Camera Lens Soiling Detection in Autonomous Driving
* WoodScape: A Multi-Task, Multi-Camera Fisheye Dataset for Autonomous Driving
Includes: Sistu, G. Sistu, G.[Ganesh]

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