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Tamen, Z.[Zahia] Co Author Listing * efficient multiple classifier system for Arabic handwritten words recognition, An

Tamer, E.[Engin] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical quantization indexing for wavelet and wavelet packet image coding

Tamersoy, B.[Birgi] Co Author Listing * Counting Vehicles in Highway Surveillance Videos
* Exploiting Geometric Restrictions in a PTZ Camera for Finding Point-Correspondences Between Configurations
* Generating Synthetic X-Ray Images of a Person from the Surface Geometry
* Nonparametric Facial Feature Localization
* Robust Vehicle Detection for Tracking in Highway Surveillance Videos Using Unsupervised Learning
Includes: Tamersoy, B.[Birgi] Tamersoy, B.

Tamez Pena, J.G.[Jose G.] Co Author Listing * Radiological Pain Predictors in Knee Osteoarthritis, a Four Feature Selection Comparison: Data from the OAI
Includes: Tamez Pena, J.G.[Jose G.] Tamez-Peña, J.G.[José G.]

Tameze, C.[Claude] Co Author Listing * Combined nonlinear inverse diffusion filter and triangle method used for noise removal from polygonal shapes
* Different non-linear diffusion filters combined with triangle method used for noise removal from polygonal shapes

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