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Vipparthi, S.[Santoshkumar] Co Author Listing * 3D local circular difference patterns for biomedical image retrieval

Vipparthi, S.K. Co Author Listing * 3DFR: A Swift 3D Feature Reductionist Framework for Scene Independent Change Detection
* ANTIC: Antithetic isomeric cluster patterns for medical image retrieval and change detection
* CANDID: Robust Change Dynamics and Deterministic Update Policy for Dynamic Background Subtraction
* LEARNet: Dynamic Imaging Network for Micro Expression Recognition
* Local directional mask maximum edge patterns for image retrieval and face recognition
* MotionRec: A Unified Deep Framework for Moving Object Recognition
* Regional adaptive affinitive patterns (RADAP) with logical operators for facial expression recognition
* SOD-CED: salient object detection for noisy images using convolution encoder-decoder
* SSSDET: Simple Short and Shallow Network for Resource Efficient Vehicle Detection in Aerial Scenes
Includes: Vipparthi, S.K. Vipparthi, S.K.[Santosh Kumar]
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