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Waechter Stehle, I. Co Author Listing * Pipeline for the Generation of Realistic 3D Synthetic Echocardiographic Sequences: Methodology and Open-Access Database, A
Includes: Waechter Stehle, I. Waechter-Stehle, I.

Waechter, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Creating Passion for Augmented Reality Applications: A Teaching Concept for a Lab Course

Waechter, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Sketched IRLS for Accelerated Sparse Residual Regression, An
* Deep Near-light Photometric Stereo for Spatially Varying Reflectances
* Discrete Search Photometric Stereo for Fast and Accurate Shape Estimation
* Let There Be Color! Large-Scale Texturing of 3D Reconstructions
* Light Structure from Pin Motion: Geometric Point Light Source Calibration
* Light Structure from Pin Motion: Simple and Accurate Point Light Calibration for Physics-Based Modeling
* Photometric Stereo via Discrete Hypothesis-and-Test Search
* Shape and Albedo Recovery by Your Phone using Stereoscopic Flash and No-Flash Photography
* Stereoscopic Flash and No-Flash Photography for Shape and Albedo Recovery
* What Is Learned in Deep Uncalibrated Photometric Stereo?
Includes: Waechter, M.[Michael] Waechter, M.
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