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Wharton, E.J. Co Author Listing * Human Visual System-Based Image Enhancement and Logarithmic Contrast Measure
* Parameterized Logarithmic Framework for Image Enhancement

Wharton, S.W.[Stephen W.] Co Author Listing * analysis of the effects of sample size on classification performance of a histogram based cluster analysis procedure, An
* Contextual Classification Method for Recognizing Land Use Patterns in High Resolution Remotely Sensed Data, A
* Generalized Histogram Clustering Scheme for Multidimensional Image Data, A

Wharton, Z.[Zachary] Co Author Listing * Attend and Guide (AG-Net): A Keypoints-Driven Attention-Based Deep Network for Image Recognition
* Coarse Temporal Attention Network (CTA-Net) for Driver's Activity Recognition
* Perception of autonomous vehicles by the modern society: a survey
* Rotation Axis Focused Attention Network (rafa-net) for Estimating Head Pose

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