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Zeraati, M. Standard Author Listing
     with: Fatemi, M.: Vibration Mode Imaging
     with: Greenleaf, J.F.: Vibration Mode Imaging
     with: Kinnick, R.R.: Vibration Mode Imaging
     with: Zhang, X.: Vibration Mode Imaging

Zerai, M. Standard Author Listing
     with: Moakher, M.: Riemannian Curvature-Driven Flows for Tensor-Valued Data
     with: Moakher, M.: Riemannian Geometry of the Space of Positive-Definite Mat...
     with: Triki, O.: Color Image Compression by Riemannian B-Tree Triangular Cod...
     with: Triki, O.: Differential-Geometrical Framework for Color Image Quality ...

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