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ConDepth11 * *Workshop on Consumer Depth Cameras for Computer Vision
* 3D with Kinect
* brute force approach to depth camera odometry, A
* capturing of turbulent gas flows using multiple Kinects, The
* category-level 3-D object dataset: Putting the Kinect to work, A
* cluster-based strategy for active learning of RGB-D object detectors, A
* Consolidation of multiple depth maps
* Fast and accurate environment modeling using three-dimensional occupancy grids
* Feature-weighting in dynamic time-warping for gesture recognition in depth data
* Going into depth: Evaluating 2D and 3D cues for object classification on a new, large-scale object dataset
* Humanising GrabCut: Learning to segment humans using the Kinect
* I spy with my little eye: Learning optimal filters for cross-modal stereo under projected patterns
* Learning shape models for monocular human pose estimation from the Microsoft Xbox Kinect
* Multi-modal surface registration for markerless initial patient setup in radiation therapy using microsoft's Kinect sensor
* Putting the pieces together: Connected Poselets for human pose estimation
* Real time hand pose estimation using depth sensors
* Real-time preprocessing for dense 3-D range imaging on the GPU: Defect interpolation, bilateral temporal averaging and guided filtering
* Real-time RGB-D mapping and 3-D modeling on the GPU using the random ball cover data structure
* RGBD-HuDaAct: A color-depth video database for human daily activity recognition
* Spelling it out: Real-time ASL fingerspelling recognition
* Towards robust cross-user hand tracking and shape recognition
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