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IT(2) * Determination of Redundancies in a Set of Patterns
* Measurement of Third Order Probability Distributions of Television Signals, The
* Spatial Filtering in Optics

IT(20) * Bibliography on Estimation of Misclassification
* Frame-to-Frame Coding of Television Pictures Using Two-Dimensional Fourier Transforms
* View of Three Decades of Linear Filtering Theory, A

IT(21) * Estimation of the Gradient of a Density Function, with Applications in Pattern Recognition, The
* K-Nearest-Neighbor Bayes Risk Estimation
* Maximum Likelihood Syntactic Decoding
* Optimal source codes for geometrically distributed integer alphabets

IT(22) * Methods for Measuring Small Displacements of Television Images
* Rate-Distortion Function for Source Coding with Side Information at the Decoder, The
* Variance Comparisons for Unbiased Estimators of Probabilities of Correct Classifications

IT(23) * Kalman Filtering in Two Dimensions
* Universal Algorithm for Sequential Data Compression, A

IT(24) * Variations of a Theme of Huffman

IT(27) * Optimal Distance Measure for Nearest Neighbor Classification, The
* Stochastic Models for Closed Boundary Analysis, Representation, and Construction

IT(28) * Comments on Design of Absolutely Optimal Quantizers for a Wide Class of Distortion Measures
* Efficient Run-Lenght Encodings
* Least Squares Quantization in PCM
* On the Existence of Optimal Quantizers
* Properties of Minimum Mean Squared Error Block Quantizers
* Robust Memoryless Quantization for Minimum Signal Distortion
* Special Issue on Quantization
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IT(29) * Combinatorial Approach to Polygon Similarity, A
* Dynamic Voronoi Diagrams
* Estimation and Choice of Neighbors in Spatial Interaction Models of Images
* Note on the Ziv-Lempel Model for Compressing Individual Sequences, A
* On the Shape of a Set of Points in the Plane
* Robust Matched Filters
* Simple Class of Asymptotically Optimal Quantizers, A
* Some NP-Hard Polygon Decomposition Problems
* Uniqueness of Locally Optimal Quantizer for Log-Concave Density and Convex Error Weighting Functions
* Universal Data Compression System, A
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