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6600 * Algorithm for Nonparametric Pattern Recognition, An
* Analysis of Cell Images, The
* Associating Parts of Patterns
* Automatic Photointerpretation and Target Location
* Binary Codes Capable of Correcting Deletions, Insertions and Reversals
* Decentering Distortion of Lenses
* Easily Mechanized Scheme for an Adaptive Pattern Recognizer, An
* Fourier Analysis of Aerial Photographs
* Learning with Preknowledge: Clustering with Point and Graph Matching Distance Measures
* Manual of Photogrammetry
* New Methods for Reasoning Towards Posterior Distributions Based on Sample Data
* Object Restoration in a Diffraction Limited Imaging System
* Optical Systems with Resolving Powers Exceeding the Classical Limit I
* Polarization, Direction Distribution, and Off-Specular Peak Phenomena in Light Reflected from Roughened Surfaces
* Spectrum Matching Technique for Enhancing Image Contrast, A
* Syntax-Directed Interpretation of Classes of Pictures
* Textures
* Tiling with polyominoes
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