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8404 * Algorithms for the Conversion of Quadtrees to Rasters
* Approach to Figure Decomposition Using Width Information, An
* Connected Pictures Are not Recognizable by Deterministic Two Dimensional On-Line Tessellation Acceptors
* Designing a Deer Detection System Using a Multistage Classification Approach
* Efficient Point in Polyhedron Algorithm, An
* Errors of the Incremental Method for Curves
* New Likelihood Test Methods for Change Detection in Image Sequences
* Note on the Modeling Space of Euler Operators, A
* Page Composition of Continuous Tone Imagery
* Parameter Nets
* Pattern recognition system
* Principles and Methods of Histogram Modification Adapted for Visual Perception, The
* Representational Axes and Temporal Cooperative Processes
* Restoration of Noisy Images Using a Raised Cosine Function Approximation
* Spatio-Temporal Model for Early Visual Processing, A
* Vision by Man and Machine
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