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8406 * Apparatus for the determination of the position of a surface
* Assessment of the Intersection Probabilities of Random Line Segments And Squares
* Comparison of Efficient Beamforming Algorithms, A
* Computer Vision
* Computer Vision and Natural Constraints
* Curvilinear Feature Extraction Using Minimum Spanning Trees
* Fast Recursive Algorithm for Binary-Valued Two-Dimensional Filters, A
* File Organization for Geographic Information Systems Based on Spatial Proximity, A
* Image Contrast, Complexity, and Stability
* Method and apparatus for fingerprint verification of identity
* Normalized Quadtree Representation, A
* Quadtree and Related Hierarchical Data Structures, The
* Scattering particle characteristics and their effect on pulsed laser measurements of fluid flow: speckle velocimetry vs particle image velocimetry
* Smoothed Histogram Modification for Image Processing
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