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Ermokhina, K.[Ksenia] * 2019: Seasonal Progression of Ground Displacement Identified with Satellite Radar Interferometry and the Impact of Unusually Warm Conditions on Permafrost at the Yamal Peninsula in 2016

Ermolayev, V. * 2014: 24-MHz Scanner for Optoacoustic Imaging of Skin and Burn
* 2014: FMT-PCCT: Hybrid Fluorescence Molecular Tomography: X-Ray Phase-Contrast CT Imaging of Mouse Models

Ermolova, N.Y. * 2017: Interference Analysis in Wireless Networks Operating over Arbitrary Fading Channels with Heterogeneous Poisson Fields of Transmitters and Interferers

Ermon, S. * 2017: Monitoring Ethiopian Wheat Fungus with Satellite Imagery and Deep Feature Learning
* 2018: End-to-End Learning of Motion Representation for Video Understanding
* 2020: Cloud Removal in Satellite Images Using Spatiotemporal Generative Networks
* 2020: Efficient Object Detection in Large Images Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
* 2020: Farm Parcel Delineation Using Spatio-temporal Convolutional Networks
* 2020: Learning When and Where to Zoom With Deep Reinforcement Learning

Ermoshkin, A.V.[Alexey V.] * 2019: Modulation of Dual-Polarized X-Band Radar Backscatter Due to Long Wind Waves
* 2019: On Capabilities of Tracking Marine Surface Currents Using Artificial Film Slicks
* 2020: Role of Micro Breaking of Small-Scale Wind Waves in Radar Backscattering from Sea Surface, The
Includes: Ermoshkin, A.V.[Alexey V.] Ermoshkin, A.V.[Aleksey V.]

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