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Abate, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Fusion of Periocular Deep Features in a Dual-Input CNN for Biometric Recognition
* SKIPSOM: Skewness kurtosis of iris pixels in Self Organizing Maps for iris recognition on mobile devices
* Versatile spectral methods for point set matching
Includes: Abate, A.[Andrea] Abate, A. Abate, A.[Alessandro]

Abate, A.F.[Andrea Francesco] Co Author Listing * 2D and 3D face recognition: A survey
* 3D Face Recognition using Normal Sphere and General Fourier Descriptor
* Augmented Reality Mobile App for Museums: Virtual Restoration of a Plate of Glass, An
* BIRD: Watershed Based IRis Detection for mobile devices
* Ear Recognition by means of a Rotation Invariant Descriptor
* Embedding Quality Measures in PIFS Fractal Coding
* Face and Ear: A Bimodal Identification System
* Face authentication using speed fractal technique
* Face, Ear and Fingerprint: Designing Multibiometric Architectures
* Fast 3D Face Alignment and Improved Recognition Through Pyramidal Normal map Metric
* Fast 3D Face Recognition Based On Normal Map
* GDRL: An interpretable framework for thoracic pathologic prediction
* GPU Accelerated 3D Face Registration/Recognition
* Head pose estimation by regression algorithm
* Head pose estimation: An extensive survey on recent techniques and applications
* I-Am: Implicitly Authenticate Me: Person Authentication on Mobile Devices Through Ear Shape and Arm Gesture
* IFS Based Approach for Face Recognition, An
* IME: an image management environment with content-based access
* Introduction to the special issue on robustness, security and regulation aspects in current biometric systems (RSRA-BS)
* Kurtosis and skewness at pixel level as input for SOM networks to iris recognition on mobile devices
* Lightweight Mamdani Fuzzy Controller for Noise Removal on Iris Images, A
* Multi-Modal Face Recognition by Means of Augmented Normal Map and PCA
* Occluded Face Recognition by Means of the IFS
* Remote 3D face reconstruction by means of autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles
* Self-updating Multiexpert System for Face Identification, A
* System to Support the Integrated Management of Diagnostic Medical Images, A
* Ultra Fast GPU Assisted Face Recognition Based on 3D Geometry and Texture Data
* What are you doing while answering your smartphone?
Includes: Abate, A.F.[Andrea Francesco] Abate, A.F.[Andrea F.]
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Abate, D. Co Author Listing * 3D painting documentation: Evaluation of conservation conditions with 3D imaging and ranging techniques
* Bundle Adjustment Accuracy Assessment of Unordered Aerial Dataset Collected Through Kite Platform
* Hidden Graffiti Identification On Marble Surfaces Through Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Techniques
* Online 3D Database System for Endangered Architectural and Archaeological Heritage in the South-eastern Mediterranean, An
* Project Photofly: New 3D Modeling Online Web Service (Case Studies and Assessments)
* Virtual And Physical Recomposition Of Fragmented Ecclesiastical Frescoes Using A Photogrammetric Approach

Abate, L.[Leonardo] Co Author Listing * Causes and subjective evaluation of blurriness in video frames
* Detection and measurement of the blocking artifact in decoded video frames
* No-reference measurement of perceptually significant blurriness in video frames

Abate, M. Co Author Listing * Curves and Surfaces
* Curves and Surfaces

Abate, N.[Nicodemo] Co Author Listing * Integrated Geophysical and Unmanned Aerial Systems Surveys for Multi-Sensory, Multi-Scale and Multi-Resolution Cave Detection: The Gravaglione Site (Canale di Pirro Polje, Apulia), An
* Multitemporal 2016-2018 Sentinel-2 Data Enhancement for Landscape Archaeology: The Case Study of the Foggia Province, Southern Italy
* Multitemporal-Multispectral UAS Surveys for Archaeological Research: The Case Study of San Vincenzo Al Volturno (Molise, Italy)
* On the Use of Sentinel-2 NDVI Time Series and Google Earth Engine to Detect Land-Use/Land-Cover Changes in Fire-Affected Areas
* Pattern Recognition Approach and LiDAR for the Analysis and Mapping of Archaeological Looting: Application to an Etruscan Site
* SAR Sentinel 1 Imaging and Detection of Palaeo-Landscape Features in the Mediterranean Area
* UAV LiDAR Based Approach for the Detection and Interpretation of Archaeological Micro Topography under Canopy: The Rediscovery of Perticara (Basilicata, Italy)
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Abati, D. Co Author Listing * Conditional Channel Gated Networks for Task-Aware Continual Learning
* Delta Distillation for Efficient Video Processing
* Latent Space Autoregression for Novelty Detection
* Learning to Map Vehicles into Bird's Eye View
* Predicting the Driver's Focus of Attention: The DR(eye)VE Project
* Self-Supervised Optical Flow Estimation by Projective Bootstrap
* Skip-Convolutions for Efficient Video Processing
Includes: Abati, D. Abati, D.[Davide]
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