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Aldea, E.[Emanuel] Co Author Listing * A-contrario framework for detection of alterations in varnished surfaces
* Active learning for high-density crowd count regression
* Analysis of Multi-temporal Image Series for the Preventive Conservation of Varnished Wooden Surfaces
* Crack detection based on a Marked Point Process model
* Evaluating Crowd Density Estimators Via Their Uncertainty Bounds
* evidential framework for pedestrian detection in high-density crowds, An
* Fast and efficient reconstruction of digitized frescoes
* HOOFR: An enhanced bio-inspired feature extractor
* Hybrid Focal Stereo Networks for Pattern Analysis in Homogeneous Scenes
* Image Classification Using Marginalized Kernels for Graphs
* Integrating Visual and Geometric Consistency for Pose Estimation
* Kernel Fusion for Image Classification Using Fuzzy Structural Information
* Latent Discriminant Deterministic Uncertainty
* On Monocular Depth Estimation and Uncertainty Quantification Using Classification Approaches for Regression
* One step clustering based on a-contrario framework for detection of alterations in historical violins
* Robust depth regularization explicitly constrained by camera motion
* Robust wide baseline pose estimation from video
* Spatio-Temporal Consistency for Head Detection in High-Density Scenes
* Spectral Analysis of Masked Signals in the Context of Image Inpainting
* Tracking Hundreds of People in Densely Crowded Scenes With Particle Filtering Supervising Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Tradi: Tracking Deep Neural Network Weight Distributions
* Wide baseline pose estimation from video with a density-based uncertainty model
Includes: Aldea, E.[Emanuel] Aldea, E.
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Aldea, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Geo-Information in Urban Climate Studies

Aldeen, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Classification of Melanoma Lesions Using Wavelet-Based Texture Analysis
* Global versus Hybrid Thresholding for Border Detection in Dermoscopy Images
* Pixel-Based Skin Segmentation in Psoriasis Images Using Committee of Machine Learning Classifiers, A
* Skin Hair Removal for 2D Psoriasis Images

Aldefeld, B. Co Author Listing * Automatic 3D Reconstruction from 2D Geometric Part Descriptions
* On Automatic Recognition of 3D Structures from 2D Representations

Aldeghi, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Volcano Monitoring from Space Using High-Cadence Planet CubeSat Images Applied to Fuego Volcano, Guatemala

Aldeghlawi, M. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Column Subset Selection Methods for Unsupervised Band Subset Selection in Hyperspectral Imagery, A

Aldelgawy, M. Co Author Listing * Alternative Procedures for the Incorporation of LIDAR-Derived Linear and Areal Features for Photogrammetrec Geo-Referencing

Aldenhoff, W.[Wiebke] Co Author Listing * Landsat-8 Sea Ice Classification Using Deep Neural Networks
* Sensitivity of Radar Altimeter Waveform to Changes in Sea Ice Type at Resolution of Synthetic Aperture Radar

Alder, M.D.[Michael D.] Co Author Listing * email: Alder, M.D.[Michael D.]: mike AT maths uwa edu au
* Border Following: New Definition Gives Improved Borders
* Hough Transform Versus the UpWrite, The
* improvement to the DR clustering algorithm, An
* Inference of Structure: Hands
* Lie Group Transformations of Objects in Video Images
* Nonparametric Approach for Detecting Lines and Curves, A
* Segmentation of Natural Images for CBIR
Includes: Alder, M.D.[Michael D.] Alder, M.D. Alder, M.D.[Mike D.]
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Alderliesten, T. Co Author Listing * Towards a Real-Time Minimally-Invasive Vascular Intervention Simulation System

Alderman, E. Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Reconstruction and Volume Rendering of Intravascular Ultrasound Slices Imaged on a Curved Arterial Path

Aldershoff, F. Co Author Listing * Classifying multimedia documents by merging textual and pictorial information
* Color invariant density estimation for image segmentation and object tracking

Alderson, J. Co Author Listing * low cost 3D markerless system for the reconstruction of athletic techniques, A

Alderson, T.[Troy] Co Author Listing * Offsetting spherical curves in vector and raster form
* Optimizing line-of-sight using simplified regular terrains
* Special Issue Global Grid Systems

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