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Aras, H.C.[H. Can] Co Author Listing * HINDSITE: A user-interactive framework for fragment assembly

Aras, N. Co Author Listing * Discrete Vector Quantization for Arbitrary Distance Function Estimation

Aras, R.[Rifat] Co Author Listing * 3D Hair Sketching for real-time dynamic and key frame animations

Arasanipalai, A.U.[Ajay Uppili] Co Author Listing * Rotate to Attend: Convolutional Triplet Attention Module

Arase, K. Co Author Listing * Rethinking Task and Metrics of Instance Segmentation on 3D Point Clouds

Arashloo, S.R.[Shervin Rahimzadeh] Co Author Listing * Client-specific anomaly detection for face presentation attack detection
* comparison of deep multilayer networks and Markov random field matching models for face recognition in the wild, A
* Dynamic Texture Recognition Using Multiscale Binarized Statistical Image Features
* Dynamic texture representation using a deep multi-scale convolutional network
* Energy Normalization for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition Based on MRF Model Image Matching
* Fast pose invariant face recognition using super coupled multiresolution Markov Random Fields on a GPU
* Hierarchical Image Matching for Pose-invariant Face Recognition
* Incorporating higher-order point distribution model priors into MRFs using convex quadratic programming
* Local selected features of dual-tree complex wavelet transform for single sample face recognition
* Multi-layer local energy patterns for texture representation and classification
* One-Class Classification Using lp-Norm Multiple Kernel Fisher Null Approach
* Pose-Invariant Face Matching Using MRF Energy Minimization Framework
* Pose-invariant face recognition by matching on multi-resolution MRFs linked by supercoupling transform
* Sparse binarised statistical dynamic features for spatio-temporal texture analysis
* Unseen Face Presentation Attack Detection Using Sparse Multiple Kernel Fisher Null-Space
Includes: Arashloo, S.R.[Shervin Rahimzadeh] Arashloo, S.R.[S. Rahimzadeh]
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Araslanov, N.[Nikita] Co Author Listing * Actor-Critic Instance Segmentation
* Efficient Single-View 3D Co-segmentation Using Shape Similarity and Spatial Part Relations
* Markov Decision Process for Video Generation
* Self-supervised Augmentation Consistency for Adapting Semantic Segmentation
* Single-Stage Semantic Segmentation From Image Labels
Includes: Araslanov, N.[Nikita] Araslanov, N.

Arass, M.E. Co Author Listing * Data lifecycles analysis: Towards intelligent cycle

Arastouie, N.[Narges] Co Author Listing * Writer identification with n-tuple direction feature from contour

Arastounia, M.[Mostafa] Co Author Listing * Automated Recognition of Railroad Infrastructure in Rural Areas from LIDAR Data
* Automatic Object Extraction from Electrical Substation Point Clouds
* Segmentation of planar surfaces in LiDAR point clouds of an electrical substation by exploring the structure of points neighbourhood
* Simultaneous identification, modeling and registration refinement of poles using laser scanning point clouds
Includes: Arastounia, M.[Mostafa] Arastounia, M.

Araszkiewicz, A.[Andrzej] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Different Weighting Functions of Observations for GPS and Galileo Precise Point Positioning Performance
* Assessment of the Impact of GNSS Processing Strategies on the Long-Term Parameters of 20 Years IWV Time Series
* GPS-Based Multi-Temporal Variation in Precipitable Water over the Territory of Poland
* Integration of Distributed Dense Polish GNSS Data for Monitoring the Low Deformation Rates of Earth's Crust

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