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Aydilek, I.B.[Ibrahim Berkan] Co Author Listing * New Hybrid Firefly-PSO Optimized Random Subspace Tree Intelligence for Torrential Rainfall-Induced Flash Flood Susceptible Mapping, A

Aydin, A. Co Author Listing * Assessing Urban Forest Canopy Cover in Great Plain Conservation Area (dÜzce City, Turkey) Between 1984 and 2015
* Monitoring of Snow Cover Ablation Using Very High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Datasets
Includes: Aydin, A. Aydin, A.[Abdurrahim]

Aydin, A.S. Co Author Listing * CNN Based Yeast Cell Segmentation in Multi-modal Fluorescent Microscopy Data

Aydin, B. Co Author Listing * Automatic personality prediction from audiovisual data using random forest regression
* Framework for Local Outlier Detection from Spatio-Temporal Trajectory Datasets, A
* Mining spatiotemporal co-occurrence patterns in non-relational databases
* Scalable kNN Search Approximation for Time Series Data
* Solar Flare Forecasting with Deep Learning-based Time Series Classifiers
* Spatiotemporal event sequence mining from evolving regions
Includes: Aydin, B. Aydin, B.[Berkay]

Aydin, C.[Cagatay] Co Author Listing * Producing secure multimodal biometric descriptors using artificial neural networks

Aydin, C.C.[Cevdet Coskun] Co Author Listing * Automatic Pipeline Route Design with Multi-Criteria Evaluation Based on Least-Cost Path Analysis and Line-Based Cartographic Simplification: A Case Study of the Mus Project in Turkey

Aydin, E.[Erdal] Co Author Listing * Design of Feedforward Neural Networks in the Classification of Hyperspectral Imagery Using Superstructural Optimization

Aydin, I. Co Author Listing * IMU based adaptive blur removal approach using image processing for railway inspection
* Monitoring of pantograph-catenary interaction by using particle swarm based contact wire tracking
Includes: Aydin, I. Aydin, I.[Ilhan]

Aydin, I.B.[I. Bozma] Co Author Listing * Color Based Saccades for Attention Control

Aydin, K. Co Author Listing * Satellite-Link Attenuation Measurement Technique for Estimating Rainfall Accumulation

Aydin, S.[Sezgin] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Techniques for Corneal Diseases Diagnosis: A Survey

Aydin, T.[Tarkan] Co Author Listing * 3D Structure Recovery From Stereo Using Synchronous Optimization Processes
* DeepPyNet: A Deep Feature Pyramid Network for Optical Flow Estimation
* HiMODE: A Hybrid Monocular Omnidirectional Depth Estimation Model
* multi-sensor integrated head-mounted display setup for augmented reality applications, A
* Multidirectional and Multiscale Edge-detection Via M-Band Wavelet Transform
* New Adaptive Focus Measure for Shape From Focus, A
* Stereo depth estimation using synchronous optimization with segment based regularization
* Stereo Depth Recovery Method Using Layered Representation of the Scene, A
Includes: Aydin, T.[Tarkan] Aydin, T.
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Aydin, T.O.[Tunc Ozan] Co Author Listing * Chromatic calibration of an HDR display using 3D octree forests
* Contrast-Use Metrics for Tone Mapping Images
* Designing Effective Inter-Pixel Information Flow for Natural Image Matting
* Learning-Based Sampling for Natural Image Matting
* Luminance independent chromaticity preprocessing for HDR video coding
* Pipelines for HDR Video Coding Based on Luminance Independent Chromaticity Preprocessing
* TempFormer: Temporally Consistent Transformer for Video Denoising
Includes: Aydin, T.O.[Tunc Ozan] Aydin, T.O. Aydin, T.O.[Tunç O.]
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Aydin, V.A.[Vildan Atalay] Co Author Listing * In-band sub-pixel registration of wavelet-encoded images from sparse coefficients
* Motion compensation using critically sampled DWT subbands for low-bitrate video coding
Includes: Aydin, V.A.[Vildan Atalay] Aydin, V.A.

Aydin, Y.[Yildiz] Co Author Listing * new Copy-Move forgery detection method using LIOP, A

Aydin, Z.[Zafer] Co Author Listing * Effect of interpolation on specular reflections in texture-based automatic colonic polyp detection

Aydiner, A.A. Co Author Listing * Fast-forward solvers for the low-frequency detection of buried dielectric objects
* Three-Dimensional Imaging of Buried Objects in Very Lossy Earth by Inversion of VETEM Data

Aydinli, H.O.[Hakan Oktay] Co Author Listing * Oil-Contaminated Soil Modeling and Remediation Monitoring in Arid Areas Using Remote Sensing

Aydinoglu, A.C. Co Author Listing * Approach for Calculating Land Valuation By Using Inspire Data Models, An
* Big Urban Data Visualization Approaches Within the Smart City: GIS-based Open-source Dashboard Example
* Designing Gis-based Site Selection Model for Urban Investment Planning In Smart Cities With the Case of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
* Developing A Mobile Application for Smart Real Estate Information
* Producing and Visualizating 3d Building Geodatabase As a Part of 3d Cadastre Project
* Regional Variations of Land-Use Development and Land-Use/Cover Change Dynamics: A Case Study of Turkey
* Using Geo-Data Corporately on the Response Phase of Emergency Management
* Using GIS-based Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Techniques in the Smart Cities
Includes: Aydinoglu, A.C. Aydinoglu, A.C.[Arif Cagdas]
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Aydinoglu, H. Co Author Listing * Compression of multi-view images
* Region-based stereo image coding
* Stereo Image-Coding: A Projection Approach

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