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Barfett, J. Co Author Listing * Synthesizing Chest X-Ray Pathology for Training Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Barfield, W. Co Author Listing * Relationship Between Monocular and Binocular Depth Cues for Judgments of Spatial Information and Spatial Instrument Design

Barfoot, T. Co Author Listing * aUToTrack: A Lightweight Object Detection and Tracking System for the SAE AutoDrive Challenge
* Light at the End of the Tunnel: High-Speed LiDAR-Based Train Localization in Challenging Underground Environments
* Mapless Online Detection of Dynamic Objects in 3D Lidar
Includes: Barfoot, T. Barfoot, T.[Timothy]

Barfoot, T.D.[Timothy D.] Co Author Listing * At all Costs: A Comparison of Robust Cost Functions for Camera Correspondence Outliers
* Being in Two Places at Once: Smooth Visual Path Following on Globally Inconsistent Pose Graphs
* Blinded by the Light: Exploiting the Deficiencies of a Laser Rangefinder for Rover Attitude Estimation
* Comparison of the EKF, SPKF, and the Bayes Filter for Landmark-Based Localization, A
* Exploiting Reusable Paths in Mobile Robotics: Benefits and Challenges for Long-term Autonomy
* Eye on the Sky: An Upward-Looking Monocular Teach-and-Repeat System for Indoor Environments
* Eyes in the Back of Your Head: Robust Visual Teach and Repeat Using Multiple Stereo Cameras
* Gaussian Process Gauss-Newton: Non-Parametric State Estimation
* Gradient-Based Auto-Exposure Control Applied to a Self-Driving Car
* Learning a Bias Correction for Lidar-Only Motion Estimation
* Night Rider: Visual Odometry Using Headlights
* Optimizing Camera Perspective for Stereo Visual Odometry
* Proof-of-Concept Demonstration of Visual Teach and Repeat on a Quadrocopter Using an Altitude Sensor and a Monocular Camera, A
* Proof-of-Concept, Rover-Based System for Autonomously Locating Methane Gas Sources on Mars, A
* Relatively Lazy: Indoor-Outdoor Navigation Using Vision and GNSS
* Self-Calibration of the Offset Between GPS and Semantic Map Frames for Robust Localization
* Speed Daemon: Experience-Based Mobile Robot Speed Scheduling
* Towards Direct Localization for Visual Teach and Repeat
* Towards Estimating Bias in Stereo Visual Odometry
Includes: Barfoot, T.D.[Timothy D.] Barfoot, T.D.
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Barfuss, K.[Konrad] Co Author Listing * Airborne LiDAR Measurements of Sea Surface Properties in the German Bight
Includes: Barfuss, K.[Konrad] Bärfuss, K.[Konrad] (Maybe also Baerfuss, K.)

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