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Bitelli, G.[Gabriele] Co Author Listing * 2nd Edition of Instrumenting Smart City Applications with Big Sensing and Earth Observatory Data: Tools, Methods and Techniques
* 3d Digitisation In Cultural Heritage Knowledge and Preservation: The Case of the Neptune Statue In Bologna and Its Archetype
* 3d Digitisation In Cultural Heritage Knowledge and Preservation: The Case of the Neptune Statue In Bologna and Its Archetype
* 3d Geomatics Techniques for An Integrated Approach to Cultural Heritage Knowledge: the Case of San Michele in Acerboli's Church In Santarcangelo Di Romagna
* 3d Image-based Surveying of the Safe of the Obellio Firmo Domus In V. A. Girelli
* 3d Image-based Surveying of the Safe of the Obellio Firmo Domus In Pompeii
* Aerial Thermography for Energetic Modelling of Cities
* Automated Voxel Model From Point Clouds For Structural Analysis Of Cultural Heritage
* Gamher Research Project for Metric Documentation of Cultural Heritage: Current Developments, The
* HGIS And Archive Researches: A Tool For The Study Of The Ancient Mill Channel Of Cesena (Italy)
* High Resolution 3d Acquisition and Modelling in Cultural Heritage Knowledge and Restoration Projects: The Survey of The Fountain Of Neptune in Bologna
* Historical Photogrammetry And Terrestrial Laser Scanning for the 3d Virtual Reconstruction of Destroyed Structures: A Case Study in Italy
* Integration of Geomatics Techniques for Digitizing Highly Relevant Geological And Cultural Heritage Sites: the Case of San Leo (Italy)
* Integration of LIDAR Data into a Municipal GIS to Study Solar Radiation
* Metric Documentation of Cultural Heritage: Research Directions From The Italian Gamher Project
* Multi-Image and Multi-Sensor Change Detection for Long-Term Monitoring of Arid Environments With Landsat Series
* Point Cloud Dataset and FEM for a Complex Geometry: The San Luzi Bell Tower Case Study
* Preliminary Comparison of Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8 Imagery for a Combined Use
Includes: Bitelli, G.[Gabriele] Bitelli, G.
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Biten, A.F. Co Author Listing * Fine-grained Image Classification and Retrieval by Combining Visual and Locally Pooled Textual Features
* Good News, Everyone! Context Driven Entity-Aware Captioning for News Images
* Is An Image Worth Five Sentences? A New Look into Semantics for Image-Text Matching
* LaTr: Layout-Aware Transformer for Scene-Text VQA
* Let there be a clock on the beach: Reducing Object Hallucination in Image Captioning
* Multi-Modal Reasoning Graph for Scene-Text Based Fine-Grained Image Classification and Retrieval
* Multimodal grid features and cell pointers for scene text visual question answering
* MUST-VQA: Multilingual Scene-Text VQA
* OCR-IDL: OCR Annotations for Industry Document Library Dataset
* One-shot Compositional Data Generation for Low Resource Handwritten Text Recognition
* Out-of-Vocabulary Challenge Report
* Scene Text Visual Question Answering
Includes: Biten, A.F. Biten, A.F.[Ali Furkan]
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Bitenc, M. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of a LIDAR Land-Based Mobile Mapping System for Monitoring Sandy Coasts
* Evaluation Of Wavelet And Non-local Mean Denoising Of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data For Small-scale Joint Roughness Estimation
* Potential and Limitations of Terrestrial Laser Scanning For Discontinuity Roughness Estimation

Bitenc, U.[Urban] Co Author Listing * Suitability of GPUs for real-time control of large astronomical adaptive optics instruments

Bitencourt, M.D.[Marisa Dantas] Co Author Listing * Remotely sensed biomass over steep slopes: An evaluation among successional stands of the Atlantic Forest, Brazil

Bitetto, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Detection of Cardiac Akinesis in Echocardiograms

Bitetto, M.[Marcello] Co Author Listing * Changes in SO2 Flux Regime at Mt. Etna Captured by Automatically Processed Ultraviolet Camera Data
* Novel and Inexpensive Method for Measuring Volcanic Plume Water Fluxes at High Temporal Resolution, A

Biteye, B.[Biram] Co Author Listing * Spatial Modeling of Mosquito Vectors for Rift Valley Fever Virus in Northern Senegal: Integrating Satellite-Derived Meteorological Estimates in Population Dynamics Models

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