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Buda, A. Co Author Listing * Building Survey and Energy Modelling: An Innovative Restoration Project For Casa Del Fascio in Como

Budach, I.[Ingmar] Co Author Listing * Shallow and Deep Electric Structures in the Tolhuaca Geothermal System (S. Chile) Investigated by Magnetotellurics

Budagavi, M.[Madhukar] Co Author Listing * 360 degrees video coding using region adaptive smoothing
* 360-degree video stitching for dual-fisheye lens cameras based on rigid moving least squares
* Error Propagation in Motion Compensated Video Over Wireless Channels
* FACIAL: Synthesizing Dynamic Talking Face with Implicit Attribute Learning
* fast feature-assisted adaptive early termination approach for multiple reference frames motion estimation in H.264, A
* HEVC ALF decode complexity analysis and reduction
* High Throughput CABAC Entropy Coding in HEVC
* Improving Intra Prediction in High-Efficiency Video Coding
* Introduction to the Special Issue on HEVC Extensions and Efficient HEVC Implementations
* Low-complexity separable multiplier-less loop filter for video coding
* Memory Bandwidth and Power Reduction Using Lossy Reference Frame Compression in Video Encoding
* Motion estimation and compensation for fisheye warped video
* Multiframe video coding for improved performance over wireless channels
* Parallel CABAC for low power video coding
* Predictive Adaptive Streaming to Enable Mobile 360-Degree and VR Experiences
* Projection based advanced motion model for cubic mapping for 360-degree video
* Real-time image and video processing in portable and mobile devices
* Special issue on breakthrough architectures for image and video systems
* Unequal Error Protection of MPEG-4 Compressed Video
* Unified forward+inverse transform architecture for HEVC
* Video Compression using Blur Compensation
* Video-Based Point-Cloud-Compression Standard in MPEG: From Evidence Collection to Committee Draft
* VR-HDR: A system for view-dependent rendering of HDR video in virtual reality
Includes: Budagavi, M.[Madhukar] Budagavi, M.
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Budai, A. Co Author Listing * Retinal vessel segmentation by improved matched filtering: evaluation on a new high-resolution fundus image database

Budan, M.C.D. Co Author Listing * Guidelines for the Analysis and Design of Argumentation-Based Recommendation Systems
Includes: Budan, M.C.D. Budán, M.C.D.

Budavari, B.[Bence] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning for Land Cover Classification Using Only a Few Bands
* Enhancing Small Moving Target Detection Performance in Low-Quality and Long-Range Infrared Videos Using Optical Flow Techniques
* Hybrid Color Mapping Approach to Fusing MODIS and Landsat Images for Forward Prediction, A
* short review of well-known image codecs and observations and root cause of some strange behaviors in image compression codecs, A
* Super-Resolution and Fusion Approach to Enhancing Hyperspectral Images, A

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