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Cami, A.[Aurel] Co Author Listing * Mining aggregates of over-the-counter products for syndromic surveillance

Camici, S.[Stefania] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Satellite-Based Surface Soil Moisture for Flood Forecasting in the Mediterranean Area: State Update Versus Rainfall Correction

Camillerapp, J.[Jean] Co Author Listing * Access by Content to Handwritten Archive Documents: Generic Document Recognition Method and Platform for Annotations
* combined strategy of analysis for the localization of heterogeneous form fields in ancient pre-printed records, A
* Contribution of Multiresolution Description for Archive Document Structure Recognition
* generic recognition system for making archives documents accessible to public, A
* IMISketch: An interactive method for sketch recognition
* Kalman filtering for segment detection: application to music scores analysis
* Making handwritten archives documents accessible to public with a generic system of document image analysis
* Multiresolution cooperation makes easier document structure recognition
* Recovery of a drawing order from off-line isolated letters dedicated to on-line recognition
* Robust Detector for Music Staves, A
* Text Line Extraction in Handwritten Document with Kalman Filter Applied on Low Resolution Image
Includes: Camillerapp, J.[Jean] Camillerapp, J.
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Camilleri, J.[Joseph] Co Author Listing * Digitizing the Neolithic Hypogeum

Camilleri, K.P.[Kenneth P.] Co Author Listing * Improving Super-Resolution Performance Using Meta-Attention Layers
* Model-based head pose-free gaze estimation for assistive communication
* Model-Free Head Pose Estimation Based on Shape Factorisation and Particle Filtering
* Model-free non-rigid head pose tracking by joint shape and pose estimation
* Multiple Hypothesis Tracking with Sign Language Hand Motion Constraints
* Quantifying the Amount of Visual Information Used by Neural Caption Generators
* Segmentation and Labelling of EEG for Brain Computer Interfaces
* Sequential Non-Rigid Factorisation for Head Pose Estimation
* Spectral Unmixing of Mixed Pixels for Texture Boundary Refinement
* Unobtrusive and pervasive video-based eye-gaze tracking
* Vectorisation of Sketched Drawings Using Co-occurring Sample Circles
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Camilleri, L. Co Author Listing * Dual Adaptive Dynamic Control of Mobile Robots Using Neural Networks

Camilleri, T.A.[Tracey A.] Co Author Listing * Segmentation and Labelling of EEG for Brain Computer Interfaces

Camilli, F. Co Author Listing * Approximation Scheme for the Maximal Solution of the Shape-from-Shading Model, An
* Unified Approach to the Well-Posedness of Some Non-Lambertian Models in Shape-from-Shading Theory, A
* Unifying and Rigorous Shape from Shading Method Adapted to Realistic Data and Applications, A
* Unifying Approaches and Removing Unrealistic Assumptions in Shape from Shading: Mathematics Can Help
* viscosity method for Shape-from-Shading without boundary data, A
Includes: Camilli, F. Camilli, F.[Fabio]

Camilo, E.N.R.[Eduardo Nery Rossi] Co Author Listing * New Approach to Detect Use of Alcohol Through Iris Videos Using Computer Vision, A

Camilo, J.A. Co Author Listing * Large Comparison of Feature-Based Approaches for Buried Target Classification in Forward-Looking Ground-Penetrating Radar, A

Camina, J.B.[Jose Benito] Co Author Listing * Bagging-RandomMiner: A one-class classifier for file access-based masquerade detection
Includes: Camina, J.B.[Jose Benito] Camiña, J.B.[José Benito]

Caminiti, L. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Collision Avoidance at Intersections: Algorithms and Experiments

Camino, C. Co Author Listing * Detection of Xylella fastidiosa infection symptoms with airborne multispectral and thermal imagery: Assessing bandset reduction performance from hyperspectral analysis
* Discriminating Xylella fastidiosa from Verticillium dahliae infections in olive trees using thermal- and hyperspectral-based plant traits
* Effects of Heterogeneity within Tree Crowns on Airborne-Quantified SIF and the CWSI as Indicators of Water Stress in the Context of Precision Agriculture
Includes: Camino, C. Camino, C.[Carlos]

Camion, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Geodesic Interpolating Splines

Camis, T. Co Author Listing * Electrophotographic process embedded in direct binary search

Camisani, G.[Giulio] Co Author Listing * Validation of GPM Rainfall and Drop Size Distribution Products through Disdrometers in Italy

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