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Carcagni, P.[Pierluigi] Co Author Listing * Advanced Tool for Semi-automatic Annotation for Early Screening of Neurodevelopmental Disorders, An
* Analysis of HOG Suitability for Facial Traits Description in FER Problems
* Assessment of deep learning for gender classification on traditional datasets
* Automatic Emotion Recognition in Robot-Children Interaction for ASD Treatment
* Classification of Skin Lesions by Combining Multilevel Learnings in a DenseNet Architecture
* Computer Vision Based Approach for Understanding Emotional Involvements in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, A
* Features Descriptors for Demographic Estimation: A Comparative Study
* Improved Performance in Facial Expression Recognition Using 32 Geometric Features
* Intelligent Vision System for ASD Diagnosis and Assessment
* Lightweight Model for Satellite Pose Estimation, A
* low-cost and calibration-free gaze estimator for soft biometrics: An explorative study, A
* Multi-branch CNN for Multi-scale Age Estimation
* study on different experimental configurations for age, race, and gender estimation problems, A
* Systematic Investigation on Deep Architectures for Automatic Skin Lesions Classification, A
* Systematic Investigation on end-to-end Deep Recognition of Grocery Products in the Wild, A
* Technological Framework to Support Standardized Protocols for the Diagnosis and Assessment of ASD, A
* UA-DETRAC 2017: Report of AVSS2017 IWT4S Challenge on Advanced Traffic Monitoring
* Video Indexing Using Face Appearance and Shot Transition Detection
* Visual Interaction Including Biometrics Information for a Socially Assistive Robotic Platform
Includes: Carcagni, P.[Pierluigi] Carcagnė, P.[Pierluigi] Carcagni, P. Carcagnė, P.
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Carcangiu, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Gesture Modelling and Recognition by Integrating Declarative Models and Pattern Recognition Algorithms

Carcano, L. Co Author Listing * DTM Cross Validation and Merging: Problems and Solutions for a Case Study Within the Heli-DEM Project

Carcassoni, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Alignment using Spectral Clusters
* Correspondence matching using Spectral Clusters
* Correspondence matching with modal clusters
* Eigenvector method for texture recognition
* Estimating 3D Facial Pose Using the EM Algorithm
* hierarchical framework for modal correspondence matching, A
* Hierarchical Framework for Spectral Correspondence, A
* Improved Point Proximity Matrix for Modal Matching, An
* Point Pattern Matching with Robust Spectral Correspondence
* Point-set alignment using multidimensional scaling
* Recovering facial pose with the EM algorithm
* Spectral correspondence for point pattern matching
* Texture Recognition through Modal Analysis of Spectral Peak Patterns
* Weighted Graph-Matching Using Modal Clusters
Includes: Carcassoni, M.[Marco] Carcassoni, M.
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Carcellar, B.G. Co Author Listing * Estimating DBH of Trees Employing Multiple Linear Regression Of The Best Lidar-derived Parameter Combination Automated In Python In A Natural Broadleaf Forest In The Philippines
* Perception Modelling of Visitors in Vargas Museum Using Agent-based Simulation And Visibility Analysis
Includes: Carcellar, B.G. Carcellar, III, B.G.

Carcereri, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning for Mapping Tropical Forests with TanDEM-X Bistatic InSAR Data

Carceroni, R.L.[Rodrigo L.] Co Author Listing * Decoupling Orientation Recovery from Position Recovery with 3D-2D Point Correspondences
* Full-Projective Improvement for Lowe's Pose-Estimation Algorithm, A
* Fully automatic coloring of grayscale images
* Fully Projective Formulation to Improve the Accuracy of Lowe's Pose-Estimation Algorithm, A
* Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision: SIBGRAPI 2006 Special Issue
* Linear Sequence-to-Sequence Alignment
* Linear sequence-to-sequence alignment
* Multi-View 3D Shape and Motion Recovery on the Spatio-Temporal Curve Manifold
* Multi-View Scene Capture by Surfel Sampling
* Multi-View Scene Capture by Surfel Sampling: From Video Streams to Non-Rigid 3D Motion, Shape and Reflectance
* Recovering Photometric Properties of Multiple Strongly-Reflective, Partially-Transparent Surfaces from a Single Image
* Shape and Motion of 3-D Curves from Multi-View Image Scenes
* Structure from Motion with Known Camera Positions
* Temporal synchronization of non-overlapping videos using known object motion
* Toward Recovering Shape and Motion of 3D Curves from Multi-View Image Sequences
* Towards automatic 3D reconstruction of urban scenes from low-altitude aerial images
Includes: Carceroni, R.L.[Rodrigo L.] Carceroni, R.L.
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Carciochi, W.[Walter] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Corn Nitrogen Concentration from Radar (C-SAR), Optical, and Sensor Satellite Data Fusion

Carcione, J.M.[Jose M.] Co Author Listing * Wave Simulation in Partially Saturated Porothermoelastic Media
Includes: Carcione, J.M.[Jose M.] Carcione, J.M.[José M.]

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