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Cheikh, B.B.[Bassem Ben] Co Author Listing * tomographical reconstruction method from unknown direction projections for 2D gray-level images, A

Cheikh, F.A.[Faouzi Alaya] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of colonoscopic anomalies using capsule endoscopy
* Blackboard content classification for lecture videos
* Blind Stereopair Quality Assessment Using Statistics of Monocular and Binocular Image Structures
* Bottom-up Approach for Pig Skeleton Extraction Using RGB Data, A
* Collaborative cameras for multi-target tracking using color based particle filter and object contour
* Convolutional Neural Networks for Omnidirectional Image Quality Assessment: A Benchmark
* Convolutional Neural Networks for Omnidirectional Image Quality Assessment: Pre-Trained or Re-Trained?
* Deep Smoke Removal from Minimally Invasive Surgery Videos
* Directed Sparse Graphical Model for Multi-target Tracking, A
* Disam: Density Independent and Scale Aware Model for Crowd Counting and Localization
* Efficient Enhancement of Stereo Endoscopic Images Based on Joint Wavelet Decomposition and Binocular Combination
* Efficient Inter-View Bit Allocation Methods for Stereo Image Coding
* Evaluation of a Difference of Gaussians Based Image Difference Metric in Relation to Perceived Compression Artifacts
* Full-reference stereoscopic image quality assessment accounting for binocular combination and disparity information
* hierarchical feature model for multi-target tracking, A
* HoG based real-time multi-target tracking in Bayesian framework
* Image Based Prediction Model for Sleep Stage Identification, An
* Impulse noise removal in highly corrupted color images
* IR-SSL: Improved Regularization Based Semi-Supervised Learning for Land Cover Classification
* New Video Quality Assessment Dataset for Video Surveillance Applications, A
* No-Reference Quality Assessment of Stereoscopic Images Based on Binocular Combination of Local Features Statistics
* No-reference stereo image quality assessment based on joint wavelet decomposition and statistical models
* On the performance of 3D just noticeable difference models
* Ordinal-Measure Based Shape Correspondence
* Perceptually-Weighted Cnn for 360-Degree Image Quality Assessment Using Visual Scan-Path and Jnd
* Psi-NET: A Novel Encoder-Decoder Architecture for Animal Segmentation
* Rate distortion optimal bit allocation for stereo image coding
* Residual Networks Based Distortion Classification and Ranking for Laparoscopic Image Quality Assessment
* Salient region detection with opponent color boosting
* Social Modeling Meets Virtual Reality: An Immersive Implication
* Spatio-temporal analysis of eye fixations data in images
* Special Issue on Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services
* Special Issue On Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services: Part II
* Stereo image quality assessment using a binocular just noticeable difference model
* visual attention based reference free perceptual quality metric, A
* Weighted Distance Approach to Relevance Feedback, A
Includes: Cheikh, F.A.[Faouzi Alaya] Cheikh, F.A. Cheikh, F.A.[Faouzi A.]
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Cheikhouhou, I.[Imene] Co Author Listing * Mass Description for Breast Cancer Recognition

Cheikhrouhou, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Multi-task learning for simultaneous script identification and keyword spotting in document images

Cheikhrouhou, I. Co Author Listing * New mass description in mammographies
* Protuberance Selection descriptor for breast cancer diagnosis
Includes: Cheikhrouhou, I. Cheikhrouhou, I.[Imene]

Cheikhrouhou, O.[Omar] Co Author Listing * IMG-forensics: Multimedia-enabled information hiding investigation using convolutional neural network

Cheiky, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Do-it-yourself photo realistic talking head creation system and method
* Photo realistic talking head creation system and method

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