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Coppa, U. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Enhancement of Unmanned Helicopter Positioning with Low Cost System
* Development Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle At Padova University
* From Survey to FEM Analysis for Documentation of Built Heritage: The Case Study of Villa Revedin-bolasco

Coppack, T. Co Author Listing * Monitoring Seabirds And Marine Mammals By Georeferenced Aerial Photography

Coppens, D.[Dorothee] Co Author Listing * Artificial Neural Networks to Retrieve Land and Sea Skin Temperature from IASI
* Mitigation of Calibration Ringing in the Context of the MTG-S IRS Instrument
* Ten-Year Assessment of IASI Radiance and Temperature
Includes: Coppens, D.[Dorothee] Coppens, D.[Dorothée]

Coppens, J.[Jonas] Co Author Listing * Combining Geometric Edge Detectors for Feature Detection

Coppers, B.[Birte] Co Author Listing * ShaRPy: Shape Reconstruction and Hand Pose Estimation from RGB-D with Uncertainty

Coppey Moisan, M. Co Author Listing * Multiple Particle Tracking in 3-D+t Microscopy: Method and Application to the Tracking of Endocytosed Quantum Dots
Includes: Coppey Moisan, M. Coppey-Moisan, M.

Coppi, D.[Dalia] Co Author Listing * Active query process for digital video surveillance forensic applications
* Appearance tracking by transduction in surveillance scenarios
* Feature Space Warping Relevance Feedback with Transductive Learning
* People appearance tracing in video by spectral graph transduction
* Transductive People Tracking in Unconstrained Surveillance

Coppi, T. Co Author Listing * Case Study of the Application of Hand-held Mobile Laser Scanning In The Planning of An Italian Forest (alpe Di Catenaia, Tuscany), A

Coppin, P. Co Author Listing * Assessing intra-annual vegetation regrowth after fire using the pixel based regeneration index
* Assessment of Light Environment Variability in Broadleaved Forest Canopies Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Assessment of Regional Vegetation Response to Climate Anomalies: A Case Study for Australia Using GIMMS NDVI Time Series between 1982 and 2006
* Conceptual Framework for the Simultaneous Extraction of Sub-pixel Spatial Extent and Spectral Characteristics of Crops, A
* Correction: Stem Water Potential Monitoring in Pear Orchards through WorldView-2 Multispectral Imagery
* Digital change detection in forest ecosystems with remote sensing imagery
* Generic Wavelet-Based Hyperspectral Classification Applied to Vegetation Stress Detection
* Hyperspectral Reflectance and Fluorescence Imaging to Detect Scab Induced Stress in Apple Leaves
* Hyperspectral shape-based unmixing to improve intra- and interclass variability for forest and agro-ecosystem monitoring
* Magnitude- and Shape-Related Feature Integration in Hyperspectral Mixture Analysis to Monitor Weeds in Citrus Orchards
* Optimizing Information Value: Improving Rover Sensor Data Collection
* Potential and Limitations of a Clustering Approach for the Improved Efficiency of Multiple Endmember Spectral Mixture Analysis in Plant Production System Monitoring, The
* Quantitative Analysis of Virtual Endmembers' Increased Impact on the Collinearity Effect in Spectral Unmixing, A
* RPV Model Parameters Based on Hyperspectral Bidirectional Reflectance Measurements of Fagus sylvatica L. Leaves.
* Stem Water Potential Monitoring in Pear Orchards through WorldView-2 Multispectral Imagery
* Temporal Dependency of Yield and Quality Estimation through Spectral Vegetation Indices in Pear Orchards
* Towards the large-scale assessment of vegetation biomass production stability
Includes: Coppin, P. Coppin, P.[Pol]
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Coppin, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Design of a focused light field fundus camera for retinal imaging

Coppini, G. Co Author Listing * artificial vision system for X-ray images of human coronary trees, An
* LoG Characteristic Scale: A Consistent Measurement of Lung Nodule Size in CT Imaging, The
* Matching of medical images by self-organizing neural networks
* Mirror Mirror on the Wall... An Unobtrusive Intelligent Multisensory Mirror for Well-Being Status Self-Assessment and Visualization
* Recovery of 3D Closed Surfaces from Sparse Data
Includes: Coppini, G. Coppini, G.[Giuseppe]

Coppo, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Fluorescence Imaging Spectrometer (FLORIS) for ESA FLEX Mission
* Sentinel-3A/B SLSTR Pre-Launch Calibration of the Thermal InfraRed Channels

Coppola, A.[Angelo] Co Author Listing * Eco-Driving Control Architecture for Platoons of Uncertain Heterogeneous Nonlinear Connected Autonomous Electric Vehicles
* Human-Robot Interaction Video Sequencing Task (HRIVST) for Robot's Behavior Legibility
* Integrating tools for an effective testing of connected and automated vehicles technologies
Includes: Coppola, A.[Angelo] Coppola, A.[Alessia]

Coppola, C.[Claudio] Co Author Listing * Top-1 Corsmal Challenge 2020 Submission: Filling Mass Estimation Using Multi-modal Observations of Human-robot Handovers
* Towards a Formal Approach to Generative Design: An Assistant System for the Creation of Artefact Models
Includes: Coppola, C.[Claudio] Coppola, C.[Carlo]

Coppola, D.[Diego] Co Author Listing * Capabilities of FY-3D/MERSI-II Sensor to Detect and Quantify Thermal Volcanic Activity: The 2020-2023 Mount Etna Case Study, The
* Changes in SO2 Flux Regime at Mt. Etna Captured by Automatically Processed Ultraviolet Camera Data
* Interpreting mechanisms of prediction for skin cancer diagnosis using multi-task learning
* Investigating Phases of Thermal Unrest at Ambrym (Vanuatu) Volcano through the Normalized Hot Spot Indices Tool and the Integration with the MIROVA System
* Lava Volume from Remote Sensing Data: Comparisons with Reverse Petrological Approaches for Two Types of Effusive Eruption
* Space- and Ground-Based Geophysical Data Tracking of Magma Migration in Shallow Feeding System of Mount Etna Volcano
* Towards Global Volcano Monitoring Using Multisensor Sentinel Missions and Artificial Intelligence: The MOUNTS Monitoring System
Includes: Coppola, D.[Diego] Coppola, D.
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Coppola, G.[Gianmarc] Co Author Listing * Automatic defect inspection system for beer bottles based on deep residual learning

Coppola, M. Co Author Listing * Tomb of Seti I (kv17) in the Florence Egyptian Museum. Integrated Non-invasive Methods for Documentation, Material History And Diagnostics, The

Coppola, P. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Freeway Network Traffic Surveillance: Large-Scale Field-Testing Results in Southern Italy

Coppola, R. Co Author Listing * Constant SNR, Rate Control, and Entropy Coding for Predictive Lossy Hyperspectral Image Compression
* Early Identification of Land Degradation Hotspots in Complex Bio-Geographic Regions
Includes: Coppola, R. Coppola, R.[Rosa]

Coppolino, L.[Luigi] Co Author Listing * CAN-Bus Attack Detection With Deep Learning

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