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Curr, K.[Kate] Co Author Listing * SLNSW-UTS: A Historical Image Dataset for Image Multi-Labeling and Retrieval

Curran, J.H.[John H.] Co Author Listing * Validity Measures for the Fuzzy Cluster Analysis of Orientations

Curran, J.T. Co Author Listing * Coding Aspects of Secure GNSS Receivers

Curran, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * Addressing The Problems Of Detecting Faces With Neural Networks
* dynamic threshold approach for skin segmentation in color images, A
* Enhancing Steganography in Digital Images
* Estimation of Size-Fractionated Primary Production from Satellite Ocean Colour in UK Shelf Seas
* new colour space for skin tone detection, A
Includes: Curran, K.[Kevin] Curran, K.[Kieran]

Curran, K.M.[Kathleen M.] Co Author Listing * FewSOME: One-Class Few Shot Anomaly Detection with Siamese Networks

Curran, P. Co Author Listing * Methodologies and Uncertainties in the Use of the Terrestrial Chlorophyll Index for the Sentinel-3 Mission

Curran, P.J. Co Author Listing * Use of Semivariograms to Identify Earthquake Damage in an Urban Area

Curran, W. Co Author Listing * Laughter induction techniques suitable for generating motion capture data of laughter associated body movements
* Perception and Automatic Recognition of Laughter from Whole-Body Motion: Continuous and Categorical Perspectives

Curran, W.J. Co Author Listing * Multi-Needle Detection in 3D Ultrasound Images Using Unsupervised Order-Graph Regularized Sparse Dictionary Learning

Current, K.W. Co Author Listing * Architecture for Region Boundary Extraction in Raster Scan Images Suitable for VLSI Implementation, An
* High-speed computation of the Radon transform and backprojection using an expandable multiprocessor architecture

Currenti, G.[Gilda] Co Author Listing * Explosive Paroxysmal Events at Etna Volcano of Different Magnitude and Intensity Explored through a Multidisciplinary Monitoring System

Currey, C.[Chris] Co Author Listing * Multi-Instrument Inter-Calibration (MIIC) System

Currey, J. Co Author Listing * Leveraging 2D and 3D cues for fine-grained object classification
* Unleash the Black Magic in Age: A Multi-Task Deep Neural Network Approach for Cross-Age Face Verification

Currey, K.M. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Finding the Largest Approximately Common Substructures of Two Trees, An

Currie, G. Co Author Listing * Bus Bridging Disruption in Rail Services With Frustrated and Impatient Passengers
* Coordinated Transit Signal Priority Model Considering Stochastic Bus Arrival Time
* Optimization of Transit Priority in the Transportation Network Using a Genetic Algorithm

Currie, J. Co Author Listing * Eye Tracking the Visual Attention of Nurses Interpreting Simulated Vital Signs Scenarios: Mining Metrics to Discriminate Between Performance Level
* Regional Ionospheric Corrections for High Accuracy GNSS Positioning
Includes: Currie, J. Currie, J.[Julie]

Currie, M.[Melissa] Co Author Listing * PalmitoAR: The Last Battle of the U.S. Civil War Reenacted Using Augmented Reality

Currier, K.[Kitty] Co Author Listing * GeoGraphVis: A Knowledge Graph and Geovisualization Empowered Cyberinfrastructure to Support Disaster Response and Humanitarian Aid

Currier, P.[Phil] Co Author Listing * Image Discrimination Enhancement Combination System (IDECS)

Curriero, F.C.[Frank C.] Co Author Listing * Can Multispectral Information Improve Remotely Sensed Estimates of Total Suspended Solids? A Statistical Study in Chesapeake Bay
* Canadian Forest Fires and the Effects of Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution on Hospitalizations among the Elderly

Currin, B.L.[Bena L.] Co Author Listing * Forming, with the aid of an overview image, a composite image from a mosaic of images

Currit, N.[Nate] Co Author Listing * Ground Filtering Algorithms for Airborne LiDAR Data: A Review of Critical Issues
* Morphology-Based Building Detection from Airborne Lidar Data
* multi-directional ground filtering algorithm for airborne LIDAR, A

Curry, C. Co Author Listing * Multigrid Computation of Rotationally Invariant Non-Linear Optical Flow

Curry, D.J.[Donald J.] Co Author Listing * Dynamic threshold system for multiple raster content (MRC) representation of documents
* Micro region count image texture characterization
* Template matching applied to selector planes for multiple raster content (MRC) representation of documents
* Two-dimensional linear interpolation and registration control for a hyperacuity printer

Curry, D.N.[Douglas N.] Co Author Listing * Halftoning in a hyperacuity printer
* Rotating non-rotationally symmetrical halftone dots for encoding embedded data in a hyperacuity printer
* Two-dimensional linear interpolation and registration control for a hyperacuity printer

Curry, E. Co Author Listing * Next-Generation Smart Environments: From System of Systems to Data Ecosystems
* Survey on Object Detection for the Internet of Multimedia Things (IoMT) using Deep Learning and Event-based Middleware: Approaches, Challenges, and Future Directions, A
Includes: Curry, E. Curry, E.[Edward]

Curry, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Improving non-negative matrix factorizations through structured initialization
* Non-negative matrix factorization: Ill-posedness and a geometric algorithm
* Reverse Optical Flow for Self-Supervised Adaptive Autonomous Robot Navigation
* Towards Uniform Point Density: Evaluation of an Adaptive Terrestrial Laser Scanner
Includes: Curry, J.[James] Curry, J.

Curry, R.[Reates] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Sensing and Computational Intelligence for Situation Awareness Classification in Autonomous Driving

Curry, R.A.[R. Allen] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution, Random Forest Approach to Mapping Depth-to-Bedrock across Shallow Overburden and Post-Glacial Terrain, A

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