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Dame, A.[Amaury] Co Author Listing * Dense Reconstruction Using 3D Object Shape Priors
* Direct model based visual tracking and pose estimation using mutual information
* Optimal detection and tracking of feature points using mutual information
* Second-Order Optimization of Mutual Information for Real-Time Image Registration
* Video mosaicing using a mutual information-based motion estimation process

Dame, L.[Luc] Co Author Listing * New Method Based on a Multilayer Perceptron Network to Determine In-Orbit Satellite Attitude for Spacecrafts without Active ADCS Like UVSQ-SAT, A
* UVSQ-SAT, a Pathfinder CubeSat Mission for Observing Essential Climate Variables
* UVSQ-SAT/INSPIRESat-5 CubeSat Mission: First In-Orbit Measurements of the Earth's Outgoing Radiation, The
Includes: Dame, L.[Luc] Damé, L.[Luc]

Damecharla, H.B. Co Author Listing * Fast JPEG2000 EBCOT Tier-1 Architecture That Preserves Coding Efficiency, A

Damelin, S.B. Co Author Listing * Activity Recognition Via Classification Constrained Diffusion Maps
* Determining the Intrinsic Dimension of a Hyperspectral Image Using Random Matrix Theory

Damen, D.[Dima] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Damen, D.[Dima]: Dima Damen AT bristol ac uk
* 3D Data Acquisition and Registration Using Two Opposing Kinects
* Action Modifiers: Learning From Adverbs in Instructional Videos
* Action Recognition From Single Timestamp Supervision in Untrimmed Videos
* Associating People Dropping off and Picking up Objects
* Attribute Multiset Grammars for Global Explanations of Activities
* Beyond Action Recognition: Action Completion in RGB-D Data
* Calorie Counter: RGB-Depth Visual Estimation of Energy Expenditure at Home
* comparative study of pose representation and dynamics modelling for online motion quality assessment, A
* Correspondence, Matching and Recognition
* Dataset for Persistent Multi-target Multi-camera Tracking in RGB-D, A
* DDLSTM: Dual-Domain LSTM for Cross-Dataset Action Recognition
* Deep Compact Person Re-Identification with Distractor Synthesis via Guided DC-GANs
* Detecting Carried Objects from Sequences of Walking Pedestrians
* Detecting Carried Objects in Short Video Sequences
* DS-KCF: a real-time tracker for RGB-D data
* Energy expenditure estimation using visual and inertial sensors
* EPIC-Fusion: Audio-Visual Temporal Binding for Egocentric Action Recognition
* EPIC-KITCHENS Dataset: Collection, Challenges and Baselines, The
* EPIC-Tent: An Egocentric Video Dataset for Camping Tent Assembly
* Explaining Activities as Consistent Groups of Events: A Bayesian Framework Using Attribute Multiset Grammars
* Fine-Grained Action Retrieval Through Multiple Parts-of-Speech Embeddings
* Hotspots detection for machine operation in egocentric vision
* Hotspots Integrating of Expert and Beginner Experiences of Machine Operations through Egocentric Vision
* Human Routine Change Detection using Bayesian Modelling
* Instance-level Object Recognition Using Deep Temporal Coherence
* Markerless Active Trunk Shape Modelling for Motion Tolerant Remote Respiratory Assessment
* Meta-learning with Context-Agnostic Initialisations
* Multi-Modal Domain Adaptation for Fine-Grained Action Recognition
* Multi-User Egocentric Online System for Unsupervised Assistance on Object Usage
* Multiple human tracking in RGB-depth data: a survey
* On Semantic Similarity in Video Retrieval
* Online quality assessment of human motion from skeleton data
* Play Fair: Frame Attributions in Video Models
* Pros and Cons: Rank-Aware Temporal Attention for Skill Determination in Long Videos, The
* Real-time Learning and Detection of 3D Texture-less Objects: A Scalable Approach
* Real-time RGB-D Tracking with Depth Scaling Kernelised Correlation Filters and Occlusion Handling
* Recognizing linked events: Searching the space of feasible explanations
* Recurrent Assistance: Cross-Dataset Training of LSTMs on Kitchen Tasks
* Retro-Actions: Learning Close by Time-Reversing Open Videos
* Scaling Egocentric Vision: The Epic Kitchens Dataset
* Semantically Selective Augmentation for Deep Compact Person Re-Identification
* SEMBED: Semantic Embedding of Egocentric Action Videos
* Sit-to-Stand Analysis in the Wild Using Silhouettes for Longitudinal Health Monitoring
* Temporal-Relational CrossTransformers for Few-Shot Action Recognition
* Trespassing the Boundaries: Labeling Temporal Bounds for Object Interactions in Egocentric Video
* Unsupervised Long-Term Routine Modelling Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks
* Weakly-Supervised Completion Moment Detection using Temporal Attention
* Who Goes There? Exploiting Silhouettes and Wearable Signals for Subject Identification in Multi-Person Environments
* Who's Better? Who's Best? Pairwise Deep Ranking for Skill Determination
* You-Do, I-Learn: Discovering Task Relevant Objects and their Modes of Interaction from Multi-User Egocentric Video
* You-Do, I-Learn: Egocentric unsupervised discovery of objects and their modes of interaction towards video-based guidance
Includes: Damen, D.[Dima] Damen, D.
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Damer, N.[Naser] Co Author Listing * Combined Head Localization and Head Pose Estimation for Video-Based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
* Combining Low-Level Features of Offline Questionnaires for Handwriting Identification
* Cross-database and cross-attack Iris presentation attack detection using micro stripes analyses
* D-ID-Net: Two-Stage Domain and Identity Learning for Identity-Preserving Image Generation From Semantic Segmentation
* Detecting Face Morphing Attacks by Analyzing the Directed Distances of Facial Landmarks Shifts
* Efficient and Effective Face Frontalization for Face Recognition in the Wild
* Efficient, Accurate, and Rotation-Invariant Iris Code
* Extended evaluation of the effect of real and simulated masks on face recognition performance
* Eye-MMS: Miniature Multi-Scale Segmentation Network of Key Eye-Regions in Embedded Applications
* Generalization of Fitness Exercise Recognition from Doppler Measurements by Domain-adaption and Few-shot Learning
* Helper data scheme for 2D cancelable face recognition using bloom filters
* Indexing of Single and Multi-instance Iris Data Based on LSH-Forest and Rotation Invariant Representation
* Iris and periocular biometrics for head mounted displays: Segmentation, recognition, and synthetic data generation
* Learning privacy-enhancing face representations through feature disentanglement
* Minutiae-Based Gender Estimation for Full and Partial Fingerprints of Arbitrary Size and Shape
* Multi-biometric Score-Level Fusion and the Integration of the Neighbors Distance Ratio
* Neighbor Distance Ratios and Dynamic Weighting in Multi-biometric Fusion
* On the Detection of GAN-Based Face Morphs Using Established Morph Detectors
* Performance Anchored Score Normalization for Multi-biometric Fusion
* Post-comparison mitigation of demographic bias in face recognition using fair score normalization
* Practical View on Face Presentation Attack Detection
* SER-FIQ: Unsupervised Estimation of Face Image Quality Based on Stochastic Embedding Robustness
Includes: Damer, N.[Naser] Damer, N.
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Damera Venkata, N. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Threshold Modulation for Error Diffusion Halftoning
* Analysis of green noise error diffusion
* Color Error Diffusion with Generalized Optimum Noise Shaping
* Design and analysis of vector color error diffusion halftoning systems
* Design of Tone-Dependent Color-Error Diffusion Halftoning Systems
* Fast blind inverse halftoning
* Fast, High-Quality Inverse Halftoning Algorithm for Error Diffused Halftones, A
* FM Halftoning Via Block Error Diffusion
* Hardcopy Image Barcodes Via Block-Error Diffusion
* high quality, fast inverse halftoning algorithm for error diffused halftones, A
* Image Quality Assessment Based on a Degradation Model
* On the Resolution Limits of Superimposed Projection
* Realizing Super-Resolution with Superimposed Projection
Includes: Damera Venkata, N. Damera-Venkata, N. Damera-Venkata, N.[Niranjan]
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Damerchilu, B.[Bahman] Co Author Listing * Motion estimation using learning automata

Dameri, A. Co Author Listing * Geomatic Contribution for the Restoration Project of the Valentino Castle Green Room. From Data Acquisition to Integrated Documentation

Damerval, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * Blob Detection With Wavelet Maxima Lines
* Highlight on a Feature Extracted at Fine Scales: The Pointwise Lipschitz Regularity
* Study of a Robust Feature: The Pointwise Lipschitz Regularity

Damez, L.[Lionel] Co Author Listing * Embedding of a real time image stabilization algorithm on a parameterizable SoPC architecture a chip multi-processor approach
* Embedding of a Real Time Image Stabilization Algorithm on SoPC Platform, a Chip Multi-processor Approach

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