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Emptoz, H. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Conversion of Documents
* Application of graph coloring in physical layout segmentation
* Automatic accurate broken character restoration for patrimonial documents
* Bayesian networks classifiers applied to documents
* Bezier Curves as a Tool to Describe Kinetic Drawings
* Biological inspired tools for patrimonial handwriting denoising and categorization
* Cascade classifier: design and application to digit recognition
* Character prototyping in document images using Gabor filters
* Combining global and local vision for technical document understanding
* Complete Pyramidal Geometrical Scheme for Text Based Image Description and Retrieval, A
* Computer assistance for Digital Libraries: Contributions to Middle-ages and Authors' Manuscripts exploitation and enrichment
* Contribution to the Discrimination of the Medieval Manuscript Texts: Application in the Palaeography
* Control of composite material strucrure by fractal methods
* Coupled Mean Shift-Anisotropic Diffusion Approach for Document Image Segmentation and Restoration, A
* Crest lines detection in grey level images: Studies of different approaches and proposition of a new one
* Curvelets Based Queries for CBIR Application in Handwriting Collections
* DEBORA: Digital AccEss to BOoks of the RenAissance
* Directions analysis in grey-level images
* Document images analysis solutions for digital libraries
* Document Images Restoration by a New Tensor Based Diffusion Process: Application to the Recognition of Old Printed Documents
* Document understanding using probabilistic relaxation: Application on tables of contents of periodicals
* fast and efficient method for extracting text paragraphs and graphics from unconstrained documents, A
* Features for printed document image analysis
* Frequencies decomposition and partial similarities retrieval for ancient handwriting documents compression
* Generic scale-space process for handwriting documents analysis
* Graph b-Coloring for Automatic Recognition of Documents
* Handwriting and Signature: One or Two Personality Identifiers?
* Handwriting Similarities as Features for the Characterization of Writer's Style Invariants and Image Compression
* Hierarchical Decomposition of Handwritten Manuscripts Layouts
* Image Analysis for Palaeography Inspection
* Improvement of postal mail sorting system
* Indexation of Syriac manuscripts using directional features
* Italic or Roman: Word Style Recognition without A Priori Knowledge for Old Printed Documents
* Local Orientation Extraction for Wordspotting in Syriac Manuscripts
* Logarithmic Spiral Grid and Gaze Control for the Development of Strategies of Visual Segmentation on a Document
* Logical labeling using Bayesian networks
* Logical structure analysis by typographic characteristics extraction
* Networking digital document images
* new PDE-based approach for singularity-preserving regularization: application to degraded characters restoration, A
* New Pyramidal Approach for the Address Block Location Based on Hierarchical Graph Coloring, A
* OCR Accuracy Improvement through a PDE-Based Approach
* Omnilingual Segmentation-Free Word Spotting for Ancient Manuscripts Indexation
* Pretopological approach for supervised learning
* Printed Text Featuring Using the Visual Criteria of Legibility and Complexity
* Restoring Ink Bleed-Through Degraded Document Images Using a Recursive Unsupervised Classification Technique
* Segmentation and typography extraction in document images using geodesic active regions
* Serialized k-Means for Adaptative Color Image Segmentation
* Serialized unsupervised classifier for adaptative color image segmentation: application to digitized ancient manuscripts
* Skeletonization by Gradient Diffusion and Regularization
* Skeletonization by Gradient Regularization and Diffusion
* structural representation for understanding line-drawing images, A
* Synthetic Parameters for Handwriting Classification
* Text Lines and Snippets Extraction for 19th Century Handwriting Documents Layout Analysis
* Text search for medieval manuscript images
* Texture feature characterization for logical pre-labeling
* Towards an omnilingual word retrieval system for ancient manuscripts
* Transparency quantification. Application to composite materials quality controls by image processing
* Type extraction and character prototyping using gabor filters
* Web site: a structured document
* Writer Identification Using Steered Hermite Features and SVM
Includes: Emptoz, H. Emptoz, H.[Hubert]
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