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Firoozabadi, A.D.[Ali Dehghan] Co Author Listing * novel method for estimating the number of speakers based on generalized eigenvalue-vector decomposition and adaptive wavelet transform by using K-means clustering, A
* Proposed Integration Algorithm to Optimize the Separation of Audio Signals Using the Ica and Wavelet Transform

Firoozabadi, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Co-Adaptive and Affective Human-Machine Interface for Improving Training Performances of Virtual Myoelectric Forearm Prosthesis
* Emotion classification during music listening from forehead biosignals
Includes: Firoozabadi, M.[Mohammad] Firoozabadi, M.[Mohammd]

Firoozabadi, R. Co Author Listing * Subsurface Sensing of Buried Objects Under a Randomly Rough Surface Using Scattered Electromagnetic Field Data

Firoozfam, P. Co Author Listing * multi-camera conical imaging system for robust 3D motion estimation, positioning and mapping from UAVs, A
* On Processing and Registration of Forward-Scan Acoustic Video Imagery
* Theoretical accuracy analysis of N-ocular vision systems for scene reconstruction, motion estimation, and positioning

Firooznia, A. Co Author Listing * Co-Design of Controller and Communication Topology for Vehicular Platooning

Firoozy, N. Co Author Listing * Controlled Experiment on Oil Release Beneath Thin Sea Ice and Its Electromagnetic Detection, A
* Electromagnetic Detection Case Study on Crude Oil Injection in a Young Sea Ice Environment, An
* Examining the Impact of a Crude Oil Spill on the Permittivity Profile and Normalized Radar Cross Section of Young Sea Ice
* Investigations into Frost Flower Physical Characteristics and the C-Band Scattering Response
Includes: Firoozy, N. Firoozy, N.[Nariman]

Firouzi, H.[Hadi] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Non-rigid Object Tracking by Fusing Visual and Motional Descriptors
* Adaptive on-line similarity measure for direct visual tracking
* Efficient and robust multi-template tracking using multi-start interactive hybrid search
* Robust decentralized multi-model adaptive template tracking
* Robust PCA-Based Visual Tracking by Adaptively Maximizing the Matching Residual Likelihood

Firouzmand, M.[Mohamad] Co Author Listing * Neural Based Approach for Fast Retrieval of Symbolic Images in Database

Firouzmanesh, A.[Amirhossein] Co Author Listing * Image De-blurring Using Shearlets
* Perceptual Factors in Graphics: From JND to PAM
* Perceptually Guided Fast Compression of 3-D Motion Capture Data
Includes: Firouzmanesh, A.[Amirhossein] Firouzmanesh, A.

Firouznia, M.[Marjan] Co Author Listing * Chaotic particle filter for visual object tracking
* Three-step-ahead prediction for object tracking

Firozjaei, M.K.[Mohammad Karimi] Co Author Listing * Automated Built-Up Extraction Index: A New Technique for Mapping Surface Built-Up Areas Using LANDSAT 8 OLI Imagery
* Characterizing Spatial and Temporal Trends of Soil and Surface Properties Changes in An Area With Urban, Bare Soil and Wetland Covers: A 30-year Case Study in Gomishan, Iran
* Evaluating the Spectral Indices Efficiency to Quantify Daytime Surface Anthropogenic Heat Island Intensity: An Intercontinental Methodology
* Evaluation of Seasonal, Drought, and Wet Condition Effects on Performance of Satellite-Based Precipitation Data over Different Climatic Conditions in Iran
* Homogeneity Distance Classification Algorithm (HDCA): A Novel Algorithm for Satellite Image Classification
* Modeling The Impact of Surface Characteristics On The Near Surface Temperature Lapse Rate
* New Integrated Approach for Municipal Landfill Siting Based on Urban Physical Growth Prediction: A Case Study Mashhad Metropolis in Iran, A
* PCA-OLS Model for Assessing the Impact of Surface Biophysical Parameters on Land Surface Temperature Variations, A
* Remotely Sensed Assessment of Surface Ecological Change over the Gomishan Wetland, Iran, A
* Remotely Sensed Urban Surface Ecological Index (RSUSEI): An Analytical Framework for Assessing the Surface Ecological Status in Urban Environments
* Spatioltemporal Modeling The Impact of Surface Characteristics Variations On Land Surface Temperature Variations: a Case Study Of Samalghan Vally
Includes: Firozjaei, M.K.[Mohammad Karimi] Firozjaei, M.K.
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