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Gani, P.B.M.[Parisa Beham Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Brain tumour cell segmentation and detection using deep learning networks

Gani, S.M.O. Co Author Listing * Study of the Effectiveness of Message Content, Length, and Rate Control for Improving Map Accuracy in Automated Driving Systems, A

Ganiatsas, G. Co Author Listing * Toward Emotion Recognition in Car-Racing Drivers: A Biosignal Processing Approach

Ganibal, C. Co Author Listing * 3D laser micro-sensor integrating control and data processing in an FPGA-based calculator, A

Ganichev, I.[Igor] Co Author Listing * Dataset and Architecture for Visual Reasoning with a Working Memory, A

Ganihar, S.A. Co Author Listing * Decision fusion for robust horizon estimation using Dempster Shafer Combination Rule
* Metric Tensor and Christoffel Symbols Based 3D Object Categorization
* Realistic Walkthrough of Cultural Heritage Sites-Hampi
* Time driven video summarization using GMM
Includes: Ganihar, S.A. Ganihar, S.A.[Syed Altaf]

Ganin, A. Co Author Listing * Application and Evaluation of a Measured Spatially Variant System Model for PET Image Reconstruction
* Gender and age recognition for video analytics solution
* Online Audience Measurement System Based on Machine Learning Techniques
Includes: Ganin, A. Ganin, A.[Alexander]

Ganin, Y.[Yaroslav] Co Author Listing * DeepWarp: Photorealistic Image Resynthesis for Gaze Manipulation
* Learning to look up: Realtime monocular gaze correction using machine learning
* Multi-Region bilinear convolutional neural networks for person re-identification
* N4-Fields: Neural Network Nearest Neighbor Fields for Image Transforms
* Photorealistic Monocular Gaze Redirection Using Machine Learning
Includes: Ganin, Y.[Yaroslav] Ganin, Y.

Ganis, A. Co Author Listing * Portable 3-D Imaging FMCW MIMO Radar Demonstrator With a 24X24 Antenna Array for Medium-Range Applications, A

Ganitseva, J.[Julia] Co Author Listing * Automatic Landmark Detection for 3D Urban Models

Ganiyusufoglu, I.[Ipek] Co Author Listing * Sparse-then-dense alignment-based 3D map reconstruction method for endoscopic capsule robots

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