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Gila Navarro, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * 3DeepM: An Ad Hoc Architecture Based on Deep Learning Methods for Multispectral Image Classification
Includes: Gila Navarro, A.[Alberto] Gila-Navarro, A.[Alberto]

Gilabert, M.A.[Maria Amparo] Co Author Listing * Annual Gross Primary Production from Vegetation Indices: A Theoretically Sound Approach
* Climate Data Records of Vegetation Variables from Geostationary SEVIRI/MSG Data: Products, Algorithms and Applications
* Critical Comparison of Remote Sensing Leaf Area Index Estimates over Rice-Cultivated Areas: From Sentinel-2 and Landsat-7/8 to MODIS, GEOV1 and EUMETSAT Polar System, A
* Daily GPP estimates in Mediterranean ecosystems by combining remote sensing and meteorological data
* Evaluation of the LSA-SAF gross primary production product derived from SEVIRI/MSG data (MGPP)
* Exploring Ecosystem Functioning in Spain with Gross and Net Primary Production Time Series
* global canopy water content product from AVHRR/Metop, A
* Identification of Ecosystem Functional Types from Coarse Resolution Imagery Using a Self-Organizing Map Approach: A Case Study for Spain
* Multitemporal Monitoring of Plant Area Index in the Valencia Rice District with PocketLAI
* Noise Reduction and Gap Filling of fAPAR Time Series Using an Adapted Local Regression Filter
* Optimal selection of wavelet transform parameters for spatio-temporal analysis based on non-stationary NDVI MODIS time series in Mediterranean region
* Remote Sensing and Bio-Geochemical Modeling of Forest Carbon Storage in Spain
Includes: Gilabert, M.A.[Maria Amparo] Gilabert, M.A.[Marķa Amparo] Gilabert, M.A. Gilabert, M.A.[M. Amparo]
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Gilabert, P.[Pere] Co Author Listing * Leveraging Embedding Information to Create Video Capsule Endoscopy Datasets

Gilad, S.[Sharon] Co Author Listing * Face processing in humans is compatible with a simple shape-based model of vision

Gilad, U. Co Author Listing * Gullies, Google Earth And The Great Barrier Reef: A Remote Sensing Methodology For Mapping Gullies Over Extensive Areas

Giladi, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Multi-Resolution Encoding for ABR Streaming

Giladi, E. Co Author Listing * Discretization error based mesh generation for diffuse optical tomography

Giladi, N. Co Author Listing * Augment Your Batch: Improving Generalization Through Instance Repetition

Gilani, H.[Hammad] Co Author Listing * Mapping Deforestation and Forest Degradation Patterns in Western Himalaya, Pakistan

Gilani, S. Co Author Listing * Road Sign Detection and Recognition Using A Fuzzy ARTMAP: A Case Study Swedish Speed-Limit Signs

Gilani, S.A.N.[Syed Ali Naqi] Co Author Listing * Automatic Building Extraction and Regularisation Technique Using LiDAR Point Cloud Data and Orthoimage, An
* Automatic Building Footprint Extraction and Regularisation from LIDAR Point Cloud Data
* Effective Data-Driven Method for 3-D Building Roof Reconstruction and Robust Change Detection, An
* Fusion of LIDAR Data and Multispectral Imagery for Effective Building Detection Based on Graph and Connected Component Analysis
* Novel Building Change Detection Method Using 3D Building Models, A
* Robust building roof segmentation using airborne point cloud data
* triangulation-based technique for building boundary identification from point cloud data, A
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Gilani, S.O.[Syed Omer] Co Author Listing * Impact of image appeal on visual attention during photo triaging
* Vision-Based Projected Tabletop Interface for Finger Interactions

Gilani, S.Z.[Syed Zulqarnain] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Reconstruction from Light Field Images: A Model-Free Approach
* 3D Morphable Ear Model: A Complete Pipeline from Ear Segmentation to Statistical Modeling
* Biologically Significant Facial Landmarks: How Significant Are They for Gender Classification?
* Clustering Based Automated Glacier Segmentation Scheme Using Digital Elevation Model, A
* Deep, dense and accurate 3D face correspondence for generating population specific deformable models
* Dense 3D Face Correspondence
* Fast Block Clustering Based Optimized Adaptive Mediod Shift
* Gradient based efficient feature selection
* GuideNet: Learning Inter- Vertebral Guides in DXA Lateral Spine Images
* Learning Affordance Segmentation: An Investigative Study
* Maximum Consensus by Weighted Influences of Monotone Boolean Functions
* Perceptual Differences between Men and Women: A 3D Facial Morphometric Perspective
* Point attention network for semantic segmentation of 3D point clouds
* Relation Graph Network for 3D Object Detection in Point Clouds
* Shape-based automatic detection of a large number of 3D facial landmarks
* Spatio-Temporal Dynamics and Semantic Attribute Enriched Visual Encoding for Video Captioning
* Towards Large-Scale 3D Face Recognition
* Unsupervised Learning for Maximum Consensus Robust Fitting: A Reinforcement Learning Approach
* Unsupervised Learning for Robust Fitting: A Reinforcement Learning Approach
* Video Description: A Survey of Methods, Datasets, and Evaluation Metrics
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Gilani, Z.[Zulqarnain] Co Author Listing * Human Gesture and Gait Analysis for Autism Detection

Gilanie, G.[Ghulam] Co Author Listing * Automated and reliable brain radiology with texture analysis of magnetic resonance imaging and cross datasets validation
* Classification of normal and abnormal brain MRI slices using Gabor texture and support vector machines
* Computer aided diagnosis of brain abnormalities using texture analysis of MRI images
* Object extraction from T2 weighted brain MR image using histogram based gradient calculation

Gilardi, M.C. Co Author Listing * Application of a Statistical Shape Model to Diaphragm Tracking in Respiratory-Gated Cardiac PET Images, The
* Automatic Method for Metabolic Evaluation of Gamma Knife Treatments, An
* fully automatic method for biological target volume segmentation of brain metastases, A
* Gamma Knife treatment planning: MR brain tumor segmentation and volume measurement based on unsupervised Fuzzy C-Means clustering
* NeXt for neuro-radiosurgery: A fully automatic approach for necrosis extraction in brain tumor MRI using an unsupervised machine learning technique
Includes: Gilardi, M.C. Gilardi, M.C.[Maria Carla]

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