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Guijarro Berdinas, B.[Bertha] Co Author Listing * new convex objective function for the supervised learning of single-layer neural networks, A
Includes: Guijarro Berdinas, B.[Bertha] Guijarro-Berdinas, B.[Bertha]

Guijarro, E.[Enrique] Co Author Listing * NEURONAV: A Tool for Image-Guided Surgery - Application to Parkinson's Disease

Guijarro, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Bridging challenges of clinical decision support systems with a semantic approach. A case study on breast cancer

Guijarro, J.A.[Jose A.] Co Author Listing * East Africa Rainfall Trends and Variability 1983-2015 Using Three Long-Term Satellite Products
Includes: Guijarro, J.A.[Jose A.] Guijarro, J.A.[José A.]

Guijarro, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Acquisition of Agronomic Images with Sufficient Quality by Automatic Exposure Time Control and Histogram Matching
* Combination of Attributes in Stereovision Matching for Fish-Eye Lenses in Forest Analysis
* Combining classifiers through fuzzy cognitive maps in natural images
* Investigating Live Fuel Moisture Content Estimation in Fire-Prone Shrubland from Remote Sensing Using Empirical Modelling and RTM Simulations
* New unsupervised hybrid classifier based on the fuzzy integral: applied to natural textured images
Includes: Guijarro, M.[Maria] Guijarro, M.[María] Guijarro, M. Guijarro, M.[Mercedes]

Guijarrubia, V.G.[Victor G.] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Several Phonotactic-Based Approaches to Spanish-Basque Language Identification
* Language Identification Based on Phone Decoding for Basque and Spanish
* Morpheme-Based Automatic Speech Recognition of Basque
* Phone-Segments Based Language Identification for Spanish, Basque and English
* Text- and speech-based phonotactic models for spoken language identification of Basque and Spanish
Includes: Guijarrubia, V.G.[Victor G.] Guijarrubia, V.G.[Víctor G.]

Guijo Rubio, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Time-Series Clustering Based on the Characterization of Segment Typologies
Includes: Guijo Rubio, D.[David] Guijo-Rubio, D.[David]

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