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Gurban, M. Co Author Listing * Selecting relevant visual features for speechreading

Gurbillon, M.A.B.[Miguel Angel Barrena] Co Author Listing * Land Suitability for Coffee (Coffea arabica) Growing in Amazonas, Peru: Integrated Use of AHP, GIS and RS
* Monitoring Wildfires in the Northeastern Peruvian Amazon Using Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 Imagery in the GEE Platform
* Morphometric Prioritization, Fluvial Classification, and Hydrogeomorphological Quality in High Andean Livestock Micro-Watersheds in Northern Peru
Includes: Gurbillon, M.A.B.[Miguel Angel Barrena] Gurbillón, M.Á.B.[Miguel Ángel Barrena]

Gurbuz, A.C.[Ali C.] Co Author Listing * ASL Trigger Recognition in Mixed Activity/Signing Sequences for RF Sensor-Based User Interfaces
* Compressed Classification from Learned Measurements
* Evaluations of Machine Learning-Based CYGNSS Soil Moisture Estimates against SMAP Observations
* High Spatio-Temporal Resolution CYGNSS Soil Moisture Estimates Using Artificial Neural Networks
* Machine Learning-Based CYGNSS Soil Moisture Estimates over ISMN sites in CONUS
* Multistatic Ground-Penetrating Radar Experiments
* SCoBi Multilayer: A Signals of Opportunity Reflectometry Model for Multilayer Dielectric Reflections
* Seismic Tunnel Imaging and Detection
Includes: Gurbuz, A.C.[Ali C.] Gurbuz, A.C.[Ali Cafer] Gurbuz, A.C.
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Gurbuz, G.[Gokhan] Co Author Listing * Effects of the High-Order Ionospheric Delay on GPS-Based Tropospheric Parameter Estimations in Turkey
* Inter-annual Height Variations Observed by GPS Measurements in Turkey
* Multidisciplinary Landslide Case Study: Devrek Landslide, A
Includes: Gurbuz, G.[Gokhan] Gurbuz, G.

Gurbuz, H.[Habib] Co Author Listing * Improvement of safe stopping distance and accident risk coefficient based on active driver sight field on real road conditions
Includes: Gurbuz, H.[Habib] Gürbüz, H.[Habib] (Maybe also Guerbuez, H.)

Gurbuz, O.[Ozgur] Co Author Listing * Rate-distortion based real-time wireless video streaming
* Video Streaming to Multiple Clients over Wireless Local Area Networks

Gurbuz, S. Co Author Listing * 3D imaging for glasses-free multi-view 3D displays
* 3D video capturing for multiprojector realistic display
* Affine-Invariant Visual Features Contain Supplementary Information to Enhance Speech Recognition
* Model free head pose estimation using stereovision
* Moving-Talker, Speaker-Independent Feature Study, and Baseline Results Using the CUAVE Multimodal Speech Corpus
* No-reference sharpness metric based on local edge kurtosis
* Real-Time Synthesis of Natural Head Motion on A 3D AVATAR from Reconstructed 3D Frontal Face Data
Includes: Gurbuz, S. Gurbuz, S.[Sabri]
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Gurbuz, S.Z.[Sevgi Zubeyde] Co Author Listing * Absolute Radiometric Calibration Of The GÖktÜrk-2 Satellite Sensor Using Tuz GÖlÜ (landnet Site) From Ndvi Perspective
* ASL Trigger Recognition in Mixed Activity/Signing Sequences for RF Sensor-Based User Interfaces
* Benefits And Challenges Of Having An Open And Free Basis Satellite Data Sharing Platform In Turkey: Gezgin, The
* Information-Theoretic Feature Selection for Human Micro-Doppler Signature Classification
* Preliminary Results Of The Comparison Of Satellite Imagers Using Tuz GÖlÜ As A Reference Standard
* Radar-Based Human-Motion Recognition With Deep Learning: Promising applications for indoor monitoring
* Survey Of Landnet Sites Focusing On Tuz GÖlÜ Salt Lake, Turkey, A
Includes: Gurbuz, S.Z.[Sevgi Zubeyde] Gürbüz, S.Z.[Sevgi Zübeyde] (Maybe also Guerbuez, S.Z.)Gurbuz, S.Z.[Sevgi Z.] Gürbüz, S.Z. (Maybe also Guerbuez, S.Z.)Gurbuz, S.Z.
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Gurbuz, T.U. Co Author Listing * Efficient Nonlinear Imaging Approach for Dielectric Objects Buried Under a Rough Surface, An

Gurbuz, Y.Z.[Yeti Z.] Co Author Listing * Deep Metric Learning With Alternating Projections Onto Feasible Sets
* Deep Metric Learning with Chance Constraints
* Generalizable Embeddings with Cross-Batch Metric Learning
* Generalized Sum Pooling for Metric Learning
* Novel BoVW Mimicking End-To-End Trainable CNN Classification Framework Using Optimal Transport Theory, A
* Roadesic distance: Flow-aware tracklet association cost for wide area surveillance
* Sparse recursive filtering for O(1) stereo matching
Includes: Gurbuz, Y.Z.[Yeti Z.] Gürbüz, Y.Z.[Yeti Z.] (Maybe also Guerbuez, Y.Z.)Gürbüz, Y.Z. (Maybe also Guerbuez, Y.Z.)Gurbuz, Y.Z.[Yeti Ziya]
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