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Halaas, A. Co Author Listing * Image filtering techniques and VLSI architectures for efficient data extraction in shell rendering

Halabe, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Divided we fall: Resolving occlusions using causal reasoning

Halabisky, M.[Meghan] Co Author Listing * Harnessing the Temporal Dimension to Improve Object-Based Image Analysis Classification of Wetlands
* Monitoring Urban Tree Cover Using Object-Based Image Analysis and Public Domain Remotely Sensed Data
* Wetland Surface Water Detection from Multipath SAR Images Using Gaussian Process-Based Temporal Interpolation
Includes: Halabisky, M.[Meghan] Halabisky, M.

Halabuk, A.[Andrej] Co Author Listing * Assessing Non-Photosynthetic Cropland Biomass from Spaceborne Hyperspectral Imagery
* Comparison of Global and Continental Land Cover Products for Selected Study Areas in South Central and Eastern European Region
* Detection of Invasive Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) in Small Woody Features Using Spatiotemporal Compositing of Sentinel-2 Data
* Towards Detection of Cutting in Hay Meadows by Using of NDVI and EVI Time Series

Halabuk, M.[Marek] Co Author Listing * Towards Detection of Cutting in Hay Meadows by Using of NDVI and EVI Time Series

Halada, L.[Lubos] Co Author Listing * Detection of Invasive Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) in Small Woody Features Using Spatiotemporal Compositing of Sentinel-2 Data
Includes: Halada, L.[Lubos] Halada, L.[Luboš]

Haladova, Z.[Zuzana] Co Author Listing * Multiple Instances Detection in RGBD Images
Includes: Haladova, Z.[Zuzana] Haladová, Z.[Zuzana]

Haladova, Z.B.[Zuzana Berger] Co Author Listing * Color Object Retrieval Using Local Features Based on Opponent-Process Theory

Halady, P.[Prashanth] Co Author Listing * VR Evaluation of Motion Sickness Solution in Automated Driving

Halama, G. Co Author Listing * CCD mosaic technique for large-field digital mammography

Halamy, S.[Suhaida] Co Author Listing * Development of Questionnaire to Measure User Acceptance Towards User Interface Design
* Utilizing Mobile Application for Reducing Stress Level

Halang, W.A.[Wolfgang A.] Co Author Listing * Cryptanalysis of an image encryption scheme based on a compound chaotic sequence
* Hierarchical B-picture mode decision in H.264/SVC

Halappanavar, M. Co Author Listing * Codesign Lessons Learned from Implementing Graph Matching on Multithreaded Architectures

Halassy, M.[Melinda] Co Author Listing * Management Recommendation Generation for Areas Under Forest Restoration Process through Images Obtained by UAV and LiDAR

Halatsis, C. Co Author Listing * Text line and word segmentation of handwritten documents
* Text line detection in handwritten documents
* Text Line Detection in Unconstrained Handwritten Documents Using a Block-Based Hough Transform Approach

Halavati, R.[Ramin] Co Author Listing * Novel Approach to Very Fast and Noise Robust, Isolated Word Speech Recognition, A

Halawa, K. Co Author Listing * Road traffic predictions across major city intersections using multilayer perceptrons and data from multiple intersections located in various places

Halawa, M.[Marah] Co Author Listing * Action-Based Contrastive Learning for Trajectory Prediction

Halawana, H.[Hachem] Co Author Listing * Color Stereo Matching Cost Applied to CFA Images

Halawani, A.[Alaa] Co Author Listing * 100 lines of code for shape-based object localization
* Adjustable Invariant Features by Partial Haar-Integration
* Face-Off: A Face Reconstruction Technique for Virtual Reality (VR) Scenarios
* Grayscale medical image annotation using local relational features
* Image retrieval by local evaluation of nonlinear kernel functions around salient points
* Recognition of gestures in Arabic sign language using neuro-fuzzy systems
* Retrieving Objects Using Local Integral Invariants
* Using Local Integral Invariants for Object Recognition in Complex Scenes
Includes: Halawani, A.[Alaa] Halawani, A.
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Halawani, H.[Hanan] Co Author Listing * Sylvester and Bézout Resultant Matrices for Blind Image Deconvolution, The

Halaweish, A.F. Co Author Listing * Regional Lung Perfusion Analysis in Experimental ARDS by Electrical Impedance and Computed Tomography

Halay, N. Co Author Listing * Plug-In Measure-Transformed Quasi-Likelihood Ratio Test for Random Signal Detection
* Probabilistic model for 3D interactive segmentation
Includes: Halay, N. Halay, N.[Nir]

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