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Hicke, J.A.[Jeffrey A.] Co Author Listing * Evaluating a Novel Approach to Detect the Vertical Structure of Insect Damage in Trees Using Multispectral and Three-Dimensional Data from Drone Imagery in the Northern Rocky Mountains, USA

Hickey, C. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Color Learning in Convolutional Neural Networks

Hickey, S.M.[Sharyn M.] Co Author Listing * Turning the Tide on Mapping Marginal Mangroves with Multi-Dimensional Space-Time Remote Sensing

Hickey, T.J.[Timothy J.] Co Author Listing * Combining Pixelization and Dimensional Stacking

Hickinbotham, S. Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Based Recognition of Utility Map Sub-Diagrams

Hickinbotham, S.J.[Simon J.] Co Author Listing * Learning Feature Characteristics
* Novelty Detection in Airframe Strain Guages
* Segmenting Modulated Line Textures with S-Gabor Filters
Includes: Hickinbotham, S.J.[Simon J.] Hickinbotham, S.J.

Hickler, T. Co Author Listing * Comparing Process-Based Net Primary Productivity Models in a Mediterranean Watershed

Hickman, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Size-Fractionated Primary Production from Satellite Ocean Colour in UK Shelf Seas

Hickman, L.[Louis] Co Author Listing * Integrating Psychometrics and Computing Perspectives on Bias and Fairness in Affective Computing: A case study of automated video interviews

Hickman, M. Co Author Listing * Calibrating a Bayesian Transit Assignment Model Using Smart Card Data
* Estimation of Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram Solely From Probe Vehicle Trajectories With an Unknown Penetration Rate
* Methods of analyzing traffic imagery collected from aerial platforms
Includes: Hickman, M. Hickman, M.[Mark]

Hickman, M.S.[Mark S.] Co Author Listing * Euclidean Signature Curves
* Geometric Moments and Their Invariants

Hickman, S. Co Author Listing * Image Correction with Curvature and Geometric Wavefront Sensors in Simulation and On-sky
* Image Metrics for Deconvolution of Satellites in Low Earth Orbit
Includes: Hickman, S. Hickman, S.[Sierra]

Hickman, S.J.[Simon J.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of optimal interpolation and segmentation of the optic nerves on magnetic resonance images for cross-sectional area measurement

Hicks Jalali, S.[Shannon] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Arctic Water Vapor Profile Observations from a Differential Absorption Lidar
Includes: Hicks Jalali, S.[Shannon] Hicks-Jalali, S.[Shannon]

Hicks, B.J. Co Author Listing * Automatic Model Creation for Kinematic Analysis and Optimization Of Engineering Systems

Hicks, C.C.[Christina C.] Co Author Listing * Designing Climate-Resilient Marine Protected Area Networks by Combining Remotely Sensed Coral Reef Habitat with Coastal Multi-Use Maps

Hicks, I.V.[Illya V.] Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation via Weighted Carving Decompositions

Hicks, J.[Jamey] Co Author Listing * Organic Indoor Location Discovery

Hicks, J.E.[John E.] Co Author Listing * Imaging the near-Earth space environment

Hicks, K.[Kathy] Co Author Listing * Multi-Scale Feasibility Study into Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) Monitoring Using Same-Day Observations, A

Hicks, L.[Leah] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Diesel Spills in Freezing Seawater under Windy Conditions Using C-Band Polarimetric Radar

Hicks, M.C.[Michael C.] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Differential Image Circle Diameter Measurement Precision Assessment: Application to Burning Droplets

Hicks, R. Co Author Listing * Frobenius Integrability Theorem and the Blind-Spot Problem for Motor Vehicles, The

Hicks, R.A.[R. Andrew] Co Author Listing * Catadioptric Sensors that Approximate Wide-Angle Perspective Projections
* Closed Form Solutions for Reconstruction Via Complex Analysis
* Complex Analysis for Reconstruction from Controlled Motion
* Computational Photography with Panoramic Sensors that Have Uniform Resolution with Respect to Unwarping Transformations
* Designing a mirror to realize a given projection
* Equi-areal catadioptric sensors
* Geometric Distributions for Catadioptric Sensor Design
* method of vector fields for catadioptric sensor design with applications to panoramic imaging, The
* optical navigation sensor for micro aerial vehicles, An
* Reflective surfaces as computational sensors
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Hicks, S.A.[Steven A.] Co Author Listing * Endotect 2020 Challenge: Evaluation and Comparison of Classification, Segmentation and Inference Time for Endoscopy, The
* Htad: A Home-tasks Activities Dataset with Wrist-accelerometer and Audio Features
* Kvasir-instrument: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tool Segmentation Dataset in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
* Multimedia Datasets: Challenges and Future Possibilities
* ScopeSense: An 8.5-Month Sport, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Lifelogging Dataset

Hicks, S.L. Co Author Listing * Struck: Structured Output Tracking with Kernels

Hicks, T.R.[Terry Randolph] Co Author Listing * Multi-perspective viewer for content-based interactivity

Hicks, W.W.[William W.] Co Author Listing * Fine-Scale (10 m) Dynamics of Smallholder Farming through COVID-19 in Eastern Thailand

Hicks, Y.[Yulia] Co Author Listing * Error sensitivity analysis of Delta divergence-a novel measure for classifier incongruence detection
* Speech-Driven Facial Animation Using Manifold Relevance Determination

Hicks, Y.A.[Yulia A.] Co Author Listing * Applying incremental learning to parallel image segmentation
* Automatic analysis of composite activities in video sequences using Key Action Discovery and hierarchical graphical models
* Automatic landmarking for building biological shape models
* evolving MoG for online image sequence segmentation, An
* Feature Interaction Maximisation
* Incremental learning of dynamical models of faces
* method to add Hidden Markov Models with application to learning articulated motion, A
* model of diatom shape and texture for analysis, synthesis and identification, A
* Modelling life cycle related and individual shape variation in biological specimens
* Speech driven facial animation using a hidden markov coarticulation model
* Speech-driven facial animation using a hierarchical model
* Visual object classification by robots, using on-line, self-supervised learning
* Visual voice activity detection with optical flow
Includes: Hicks, Y.A.[Yulia A.] Hicks, Y.A.
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Hickson, D.C.[Dylan C.] Co Author Listing * Planetary Radar: State-of-the-Art Review

Hickson, S.[Steven] Co Author Listing * Efficient Hierarchical Graph-Based Segmentation of RGBD Videos
* Eyemotion: Classifying Facial Expressions in VR Using Eye-Tracking Cameras
* Floors are Flat: Leveraging Semantics for Real-Time Surface Normal Prediction
* Semantic Instance Labeling Leveraging Hierarchical Segmentation
* Sharing Decoders: Network Fission for Multi-task Pixel Prediction
Includes: Hickson, S.[Steven] Hickson, S.

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