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Hose, D.R. Co Author Listing * Quality Metrics for High Order Meshes: Analysis of the Mechanical Simulation of the Heart Beat
* Validation of nonrigid image registration using finite-element methods: application to breast MR images

Hose, R. Co Author Listing * Method for the Comparison of Biomechanical Breast Models, A

Hoseini, A.M.D. Co Author Listing * Local feature fitting active contour for segmenting vessels in angiograms

Hoseini, F. Co Author Listing * Investigating the Capability of IRS-P6-LISS IV Satellite Image for Pistachio Forests Density Mapping (case Study: Northeast Of Iran)

Hoseini, M.[Mostafa] Co Author Listing * First Evidence of Mesoscale Ocean Eddies Signature in GNSS Reflectometry Measurements
* On the Response of Polarimetric GNSS-Reflectometry to Sea Surface Roughness
* Real-time anomaly detection and localization in crowded scenes
* Remote Sensing of Precipitation Using Reflected GNSS Signals: Response Analysis of Polarimetric Observations
Includes: Hoseini, M.[Mostafa] Hoseini, M.[Mojtaba]

Hoseini, S.A. Co Author Listing * feature-based approach for monocular camera tracking in unknown environments, A

Hoseinkhani, F. Co Author Listing * feature transformation method based on multi objective particle swarm optimization for reducing support vector machine error, A

Hoseinkhani, M.[Maryam] Co Author Listing * Aquaculture Site Selection of Oncorhynchus Mykiss (Rainbow Trout) in Markazi Province Using GIS-Based MCDM

Hoseinnezhad, R. Co Author Listing * 3D Registration in Dark Environments Using RGB-D Cameras
* Analysis of planar-motion segmentation using affine fundamental matrix
* Bridging Parameter and Data Spaces for Fast Robust Estimation in Computer Vision
* Classification of Volumetric Images Using Multi-Instance Learning and Extreme Value Theorem
* Comparative Analysis of 3D Shape Recognition in the Presence of Data Inaccuracies
* Conditions for Segmentation of 2D Translations of 3D Objects
* Conditions for Segmentation of Motion with Affine Fundamental Matrix
* Consistency of robust estimators in multi-structural visual data segmentation
* Constrained Sensor Control for Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Filter Using Cauchy-Schwarz Divergence
* Deep Learning-Based Incorporation of Planar Constraints for Robust Stereo Depth Estimation in Autonomous Vehicle Applications
* Deep Multi-instance Volumetric Image Classification with Extreme Value Distributions
* Effective Sampling: Fast Segmentation Using Robust Geometric Model Fitting
* Finite Sample Bias of Robust Estimators in Segmentation of Closely Spaced Structures: A Comparative Study
* Finite Sample Bias of Robust Scale Estimators in Computer Vision Problems
* ITSA: An Information-Theoretic Approach to Automatic Shortcut Avoidance and Domain Generalization in Stereo Matching Networks
* Limits of Motion-Background Segmentation Using Fundamental Matrix Estimation
* M-estimator for high breakdown robust estimation in computer vision, An
* Motion Segmentation of RGB-D Sequences: Combining Semantic and Motion Information Using Statistical Inference
* Multi-Bernoulli sample consensus for simultaneous robust fitting of multiple structures in machine vision
* Novel High Breakdown M-estimator for Visual Data Segmentation, A
* Robust Data Modelling Using Thin Plate Splines
* Robust Model Fitting Using Higher Than Minimal Subset Sampling
* Robust Multi-Bernoulli Sensor Selection for Multi-Target Tracking in Sensor Networks
* Semantic Guided Long Range Stereo Depth Estimation for Safer Autonomous Vehicle Applications
* Statistical analysis of three-dimensional optical flow separability in volumetric images
* Statistical separability of local motions in volumetric images
* Visual tracking of numerous targets via multi-Bernoulli filtering of image data
Includes: Hoseinnezhad, R. Hoseinnezhad, R.[Reza]
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Hosek, M.[Michal] Co Author Listing * Threat of Pollution Hotspots Reworking in River Systems: Case Study of the Ploucnice River (Czech Republic)
Includes: Hosek, M.[Michal] Hošek, M.[Michal]

Hosel, C. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Activity Detection of Human Movement in Videos via Smartphone Based on Synthetic Training Data

Hosen, M.I.[Md Imran] Co Author Listing * Effective Multi-Camera Dataset and Hybrid Feature Matcher for Real-Time Video Stitching, An

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