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Jalba, A.[Andrei] Co Author Listing * Automated Digital Hair Removal by Threshold Decomposition and Morphological Analysis
* Comparison of curve and surface skeletonization methods for voxel shapes
* Computing refined skeletal features from medial point clouds
* Finsler Streamline Tracking with Single Tensor Orientation Distribution Function for High Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging

Jalba, A.C.[Andrei C.] Co Author Listing * Automatic diatom identification using contour analysis by morphological curvature scale spaces
* Automatic Image Segmentation Using a Deformable Model Based on Charged Particles
* Automatic Segmentation of Diatom Images
* CPM: A Deformable Model for Shape Recovery and Segmentation Based on Charged Particles
* Efficient Morphological Active Surface Model for Volumetric Image Segmentation, An
* Efficient Surface Reconstruction From Noisy Data Using Regularized Membrane Potentials
* Interactive Segmentation and Visualization of DTI Data Using a Hierarchical Watershed Representation
* Morphological hat-transform scale spaces and their use in pattern classification
* Morphological hat-transform scale spaces and their use in texture classification
* Part-Based Segmentation by Skeleton Cut Space Analysis
* Physically-Motivated Deformable Model Based on Fluid Dynamics, A
* Qualitative Comparison of Contraction-Based Curve Skeletonization Methods
* Shape Representation and Recognition Through Morphological Curvature Scale Spaces
* Size from Specular Highlights for Analyzing Droplet Size Distributions
* Surface and Curve Skeletonization of Large 3D Models on the GPU
* Unified Multiscale Framework for Planar, Surface, and Curve Skeletonization, An
Includes: Jalba, A.C.[Andrei C.] Jalba, A.C.
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Jalbuena, R. Co Author Listing * Framework For Capacity Building In Mapping Coastal Resources Using Remote Sensing In The Philippines, A

Jalbuena, R.L. Co Author Listing * Bio Optical Modelling of Laguna Lake Using Bomber Tool and Wasi-derived Inverted Parameters

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