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Jern, M. Co Author Listing * Visual data navigators Collaboratories

Jernigan, E. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Wiener filtering of noisy images and image sequences
* BayesShrink Ridgelets for Image Denoising
* Correlated Wavelet Shrinkage: Models of Local Random Fields Across Multiple Resolutions
* Detail preserving impulsive noise removal
* Effective Detail Preserving Filter for Impulse Noise Removal, An
* Empirical Study of Wavelet Domain Image Joint Statistics and Proposition of an Efficient Correlation Map
* Information Theoretic Criterion for Image Quality Assessment Based on Natural Scene Statistics, An
* Perceptually Based Image Comparison
* Textures and Wavelet-Domain Joint Statistics
* Towards random field modeling of wavelet statistics
* Wavelet Shrinkage with Correlated Wavelet Coefficients
Includes: Jernigan, E. Jernigan, E.[Edward] Jernigan, E.[Ed]
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Jernigan, M.E.[M. Ed] Co Author Listing * Designing Gabor filters for optimal texture separability
* Does the Eye Contain Optimal Edge Detection Mechanism?
* Evolutionary design of context-free attentional operators
* Hierarchical Edge Detection
* Texture Analysis and Discrimination in Additive Noise
Includes: Jernigan, M.E.[M. Ed] Jernigan, M.E.

Jernova, I.[Irina] Co Author Listing * Information Technology for the Morphological Analysis of the Lymphoid Cell Nuclei

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