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Karu, K.[Kalle] Co Author Listing * Automatic filter design for texture discrimination
* Fingerprint Classification
* Fingerprint Registration
* Is There Any Texture in the Image?
* Learning Texture-Discrimination Masks
* Locating Text in Complex Color Images
* Real-Time Matching System for Large Fingerprint Databases
* Texture analysis: Representation and matching
Includes: Karu, K.[Kalle] Karu, K.
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Karu, Z.Z. Co Author Listing * Equivalence of Subpixel Motion Estimators Based on Optical Flow and Block Matching

Karumanchi, S.H.[Sambhu H.] Co Author Listing * Integrated Perception and Planning for Autonomous Vehicle Navigation: An Optimization-based Approach

Karumbaiah, S.[Shamya] Co Author Listing * Re-Analysis and Synthesis of Data on Affect Dynamics in Learning, A

Karumuri, S.[Sukumar] Co Author Listing * Modeling Multiple Temporal Scales of Full-Body Movements for Emotion Classification
* REVEAL intermediate report
Includes: Karumuri, S.[Sukumar] Karumuri, S.[Suman]

Karun, B.[Baiju] Co Author Listing * Glioma detection using EHO based FLAME clustering in MR brain images

Karuna, P. Co Author Listing * Generating Hard to Comprehend Fake Documents for Defensive Cyber Deception

Karuna, Y.[Yepuganti] Co Author Listing * Retinal vessel segmentation to diagnose diabetic retinopathy using fundus images: A survey

Karunakar, A.K. Co Author Listing * Anchor-diagonal-based shape adaptive local support region for efficient stereo matching
* Classification of gait signals into different neurodegenerative diseases using statistical analysis and recurrence quantification analysis
* Computationally Efficient MCTF for MC-EZBC Scalable Video Coding Framework
* H.264/MVC interleaving for real-time multiview video streaming
* Identification of source social network of digital images using deep neural network
* Inter-frame and Inter-layer Motion Prediction during Fast Block Motion Estimation in MCTF
* Interactive region of interest scalability for wavelet based scalable video coder
* Manipal-UAV person detection dataset: A step towards benchmarking dataset and algorithms for small object detection
* Motion-compensated temporal filtering with optimized motion estimation
* Novel Crowd Density Estimation Technique using Local Binary Pattern and Gabor Features, A
* Structural similarity-based ranking of stereo algorithms for dynamic adaptation in real-time robot navigation
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Karunakaran, M.[Manivannan] Co Author Listing * deep learning model integrating convolution neural network and multiple kernel K means clustering for segmenting brain tumor in magnetic resonance images, A
* fuzzy logic-based meningioma tumor detection in magnetic resonance brain images using CANFIS and U-Net CNN classification, A

Karunakaran, N.M. Co Author Listing * Free Space, Visible and Missing Lane Marker Estimation using the PsiNet and Extra Trees Regression

Karunakaran, S.[Saminathan] Co Author Listing * Optimizing deep belief network parameters using grasshopper algorithm for liver disease classification

Karunanayake, N.[Nalan] Co Author Listing * Artificial life for segmentation of fusion ultrasound images of breast abnormalities

Karunarathna, H.[Harshinie] Co Author Listing * Spatial Variation in Coastal Dune Evolution in a High Tidal Range Environment

Karunarathne, A.[Ananda] Co Author Listing * Estimating Hilly Areas Population Using a Dasymetric Mapping Approach: A Case of Sri Lanka's Highest Mountain Range

Karunarathne, G.T.I. Co Author Listing * Trainer System for Air Rifle/Pistol Shooting, A

Karunaratne, G. Co Author Listing * 4K Real-Time HEVC Decoder on an FPGA
* Constrained Few-shot Class-incremental Learning
Includes: Karunaratne, G. Karunaratne, G.[Geethan]

Karunaratne, L.[Lalinda] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Nonlinear and Machine Learning Methods for Analyzing Factors Influencing the Performance of Large-Scale Transport Infrastructure

Karunaratne, M. Co Author Listing * 4K Real-Time HEVC Decoder on an FPGA

Karunaratne, P.[Passant] Co Author Listing * compressed video enhancement algorithm, A
* Rate-distortion Optimal Video Pre-processing Algorithm, A
Includes: Karunaratne, P.[Passant] Karunaratne, P.

Karunaratne, S.[Siri] Co Author Listing * Assessing Surface Urban Heat Island Related to Land Use/Land Cover Composition and Pattern in the Temperate Mountain Valley City of Kathmandu, Nepal
* Fusion of Spectral and Structural Datasets Derived from an Airborne Multispectral Sensor for Estimation of Pasture Dry Matter Yield at Paddock Scale with Time, The
* Machine Learning Algorithms to Predict Forage Nutritive Value of In Situ Perennial Ryegrass Plants Using Hyperspectral Canopy Reflectance Data
* Modelling and combining emotions, visual speech and gestures in virtual head models
* Multi-Variable Sentinel-2 Random Forest Machine Learning Model Approach to Predicting Perennial Ryegrass Biomass in Commercial Dairy Farms in Southeast Australia, A
Includes: Karunaratne, S.[Siri] Karunaratne, S.[Senani] Karunaratne, S.[Savant]

Karunasekera, S.[Shanika] Co Author Listing * efficient hyperellipsoidal clustering algorithm for resource-constrained environments, An
* High-dimensional and large-scale anomaly detection using a linear one-class SVM with deep learning
* High-Resolution Monitoring of Atmospheric Pollutants Using a System of Low-Cost Sensors
Includes: Karunasekera, S.[Shanika] Karunasekera, S.

Karunasekera, S.A. Co Author Listing * distortion measure for blocking artifacts in images based on human visual sensitivity, A

Karunasena, A.[Anuradha] Co Author Listing * Automated Temporal Analysis of Gaze Following in a Visual Tracking Task, The

Karunathilake, A.[Amila] Co Author Listing * Self-Organized Model Fitting Method for Railway Structures Monitoring Using LiDAR Point Cloud

Karunatillake, S.[Suniti] Co Author Listing * Tectonism of Late Noachian Mars: Surface Signatures from the Southern Highlands

Karungaru, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * Facial features-based method for human tracking
* Gait features extraction method using image processing
* Improving mobility for blind persons using video sunglasses
* method for counting passersby using time-space image, A
* Recognition of a person's state using FG Vision Sensor

Karunratanakul, K. Co Author Listing * Grasping Field: Learning Implicit Representations for Human Grasps
* Guided Motion Diffusion for Controllable Human Motion Synthesis
* HARP: Personalized Hand Reconstruction from a Monocular RGB Video
* Skeleton-Driven Neural Occupancy Representation for Articulated Hands, A
Includes: Karunratanakul, K. Karunratanakul, K.[Korrawe]

Karuppiah, D.R.[Deepak Rajasekar] Co Author Listing * 3D Localization of Multiple Moving People by a Omnidirectional Stereo System of Cooperative Mobile Robots
* Automatic resource allocation in a distributed camera network
* Dynamic mutual calibration and view planning for cooperative mobile robots with panoramic virtual stereo vision
* Fault-Tolerant Distributed Vision System Architecture for Object Tracking in a Smart Room, A
* Panoramic Virtual Stereo Vision of Cooperative Mobile Robots for Localizing 3D Moving Objects
Includes: Karuppiah, D.R.[Deepak Rajasekar] Karuppiah, D.R.[Deepak R.] Karuppiah, D.R.

Karuppiah, M.[Marimuthu] Co Author Listing * Efficient DWT and Intuitionistic Fuzzy Based Multimodality Medical Image Fusion, An
* Enhanced copy-paste forgery detection in digital images using scale-invariant feature transform
* Gender recognition based on face image using reinforced local binary patterns
* Inter-frame forgery detection and localisation in videos using earth mover's distance metric
Includes: Karuppiah, M.[Marimuthu] Karuppiah, M.[Muneeswaran]

Karuppusamy, S.[Selvakumar] Co Author Listing * deep learning framework for glaucoma detection based on robust optic disc segmentation and transfer learning, A

Karure, J.C. Co Author Listing * Indian Movie Face Database: A benchmark for face recognition under wide variations

Karuss, J.[Janis] Co Author Listing * Surface Characteristics, Elevation Change, and Velocity of High-Arctic Valley Glacier from Repeated High-Resolution UAV Photogrammetry
* UAV and GPR Data Integration in Glacier Geometry Reconstruction: A Case Study from Irenebreen, Svalbard
Includes: Karuss, J.[Janis] Karušs, J.[Janis]

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